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Source: Baghdad ISX
Tue / 22 July 2014
Maliki calls for a unified international stance against ISIS crimes against Christians 20/07/2014 13:31:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that "the crime of ISIS gangs against Christian citizens requires the world to stand together to confront them." He said in a statement today that "what the ISIS gangs are doing against our citi   ... more>>

Kurdish politician: Talabani's health status does not allow him to return to political arena 20/07/2014 10:22:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The leading figure of the Kurdistan Alliance, Hamid Buffi said the health status of President Jalal Talabani does not allow him to return to the political arena. He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that he got inform   ... more>>

Ahrar bloc: any political achievement reflects positively on Iraqi people 20/07/2014 09:45:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / MP, of the Ahrar bloc, Bahaa al-Araji confirmed that any political achievements lead to accelerate the formation of the next government will have positive returns on the Iraqi people. He said in a press statement that "speeding   ... more>>

PUK denies news of naming its candidate for presidency The Kurdistan Alliance will present its candidate for president post within two days
Maliki, Jaafari discuss the matter of choosing president according to constitutional timings Al-Mesari calls for providing international protection for the population of the provinces that are exposed to aerial bombardment
UNidentified body found east of Baghdad One civilian killed, another wounded east of Baghdad
20 elements of ISIS killed northwest of Hilla Eight people injured in drone in central Mosul
Yildiz: stop off oil shipments coming from Kurdistan to Turkey due to the filling of tankers. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday auction.
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday auction. Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Tuesday auction.
Iraq participates in the Gulf Cup championship in Saudi Arabia . Cabinet: Iraq participates in Gulf Cup 22 in Saudi Arabia
Kamel Zughayer and Yahya Zughayer win membership of the Football Union after the end of the first round of voting Balloons and gliders offer performances in the skies of Babylon
Kurdistan oil contracts .. Do they achieve the dream of the region's economic recovery? Fallujah .. Continuing clashes and sufferings need solutions
Iraqi Newspapers focus on Iraqi initiative to solve Syrian crisis. Homicide department manager killed in Daqouq , southwest Kirkuk
Six journalists injured in Mosul Two Photojournalists survive an assassination attempt by a roadside bomb in Mosul
Motahedoon Coalition calls on the government to hold its responsibilities in the protecting the lives of journalists BREAKING NEWS. Photographer of Altaghyir satellite TV channel killed by indiscriminate shelling on Ramadi.
Talabani arrives to Sulaimaniyah International Airport 2500 displaced families in Babil from other provinces
Peshmerga confiscate 50 government vehicles belong to police officers in Mosul ISIS cancels working women in Mosul
Iraq Stocks Exchange
تفاصيل حالة السوق
Change % Prev. Current   Down
National for Tourist Investment 15 15.5 -3.33
Union Bank Of Iraq 0.97 1 -3.09
Baghdad Soft Drinks 2.39 2.45 -2.51
Change % Prev. Current   Top
AL-Sadeer Hotel 31.5 30 4.76
Mansour Hotel 27.5 26.5 3.64
Iraqi for Seed Production 6.99 6.75 3.43
Photo Gallery
21/07/2014 15:07:00

A number of Daash elements killed in Jurfis-Sakhar of Babibil province and in Nineveh province.

21/07/2014 15:04:00

Speaker Second Deputy discusses with the Japanese ambassador political developments.

21/07/2014 15:02:00

/ 50 / terrorist elements Daash leading members killed east of Fallujah.

21/07/2014 14:12:00

Aram Sheikh Mohammed discusses with the Japanese ambassador political developments.

21/07/2014 13:59:00

17 civilians killed and wounded in, Hawija of Kirkuk.

21/07/2014 12:36:00

Two child, five women killed, ten civilians injured due to air strike in Kirkuk

21/07/2014 11:52:00

A tanker, two armored belong to ISIS destroyed south of Kirkuk

21/07/2014 11:17:00

12 vehicles for ISIS destroyed in west of Mosul

21/07/2014 10:56:00

Jordan should be asked about the opposition conference held on its territories

21/07/2014 10:43:00

UNidentified body found east of Baghdad

21/07/2014 10:37:00

Four Peshmerga injured in a clashes with ISIS north of Mosul

21/07/2014 10:11:00

Iran does not support Maliki for third term, but support Iraqi people's choice

21/07/2014 09:52:00

Unidentified body found south of Baghdad

21/07/2014 09:15:00

Othman asks to solve the nominations of president and PM in the next session

21/07/2014 09:06:00

Air strikes on ISIS gatherings in Mosul

21/07/2014 09:06:00

Four vehicles used by ISIS destroyed in western Anbar

20/07/2014 23:06:00

Iraq is in front of two solutions, either the total partition or a true partnership

20/07/2014 22:54:00

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan nominates Masum and Salih for the Presidency

20/07/2014 22:46:00

Breaking News ... Eleven civilians killed and wounded by the fall of mortar shells at Mahmudiya district

20/07/2014 22:40:00

The prince of al-Edhaim, / 5 / of his aides killed near Ashraf Camp in Diyala province

20/07/2014 22:26:00

Military Intelligence announces the killing of 11 terrorists in Mosul and Dhuluiya

20/07/2014 22:19:00

/79/ Elements of the ISIS organization killed in air strikes on their positions in Mosul

20/07/2014 22:08:00

/35/ Civilians killed and wounded due to shelling on residential neighborhoods in Fallujah

20/07/2014 22:02:00

Babylon Operations Command kill a number of terrorists and liberated areas in Jurf al-Sakhar

20/07/2014 18:39:00

A partial curfew on vehicles imposed in Haditha

20/07/2014 18:33:00

Army forces liberate Ibrahim Ben Ali region in Anbar

20/07/2014 18:27:00

/4/ people injured by a car bomb near Ratba

20/07/2014 18:16:00

Security forces secure the Hit- Haditha road eastward and Haditha- Baiji to the north

20/07/2014 16:23:00

Including Iraq, Eight States' Parliaments participate in meeting to support Gaza in Tehran

20/07/2014 16:23:00

Four people injured in a car bomb explosion far western Anbar

20/07/2014 15:27:00

Fatlawi submits nomination papers for the post of President of the Republic

20/07/2014 14:23:00

Iraqi House Speaker Meets With Kuwaiti Ambassador In Baghdad

20/07/2014 14:19:00

Three terrorists killed in Tal Afar, of Mosul

20/07/2014 14:16:00

35 elements of ISIS killed in Air bombing in Mosul

20/07/2014 13:31:00

Maliki calls for a unified international stance against ISIS crimes against Christians