Zebari affirms Iraq's support to the Syrian people expectation, supports peaceful transition of power
10/08/2012 19:07:00
Baghdad (NINA) Foreign Minister, Hosyar Zebari, affirmed that Iraq stands alongside the Syrian peoples' legitimate expectations and supports peaceful transition of power.

A statement issued on Friday, Aug. 10, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs quoted Zebari saying in the Consultative Meeting on the Syrian Crisis held in Tehran, saying that Iraq stands always with legitimate expectations of the Syrian people in freedom, democracy and reforms, as well as self determination, it also supports peaceful transition of power through a disciplined political process.

He added that Iraq condemns killing, violence and bombing, as well as violations of human rights, and foreign intervention.

He went on saying that Iraq fears from the downfall of Syrian crisis on neighbouring countries and spread of extremism and terrorism; it supports any Arab regional and international effort to achieve just political and honourable settlement to the crisis.

It is worth noting that Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, heads the Iraqi delegation to the Consultative Meeting that Iran called for on the Syrian crisis.

In addition to Iraq, representatives of Pakistan, Mozambique, Algeria, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia and Palestine, as well as African and Latin American countries and the ambassadors of Russian and China in Tehran, in addition to the UN representative in Tehran. / End.