PUK says that number of signatures has not reached number required to withdraw confidence, when reaching no need for another message from Talabani
11/06/2012 20:32:00
Baghdad (NINA) Politburo of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) asserted, "The number of Lawmakers' signatures demanding withdrawal of confidence from the government is only 157, which is bellow required number to withdraw confidence from the government.

The PUK web site quoted a Politburo's Spokesman, Azad Jundyan, responding to a statement by the Politburo of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) spokesman, Jafar Ibrahim, commenting on the President's recent message concerning withdrawing confidence, saying that, "The signatories from the PUK are 11 lawmakers who signed the petition upon their Party's instructions, to protect the Kurdish Alliance's unity."

Jundyan added, "If the number of signatories is at the level required to withdraw confidence, then there is no need for the President to write another message; because as he has already entrusted a a signed message with the President of Kurdistan region to be attached with the signed petition when number of signatures reaches required level."

The statement said that the President received a request to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, signed by 160 lawmakers; later 11 lawmakers withdrew their signatures, while 2 others put their requests on hold, making the number of signatures received demanding withdrawal of confidence does not meet the required number; therefore the quorum to withdraw confidence is not been achieved.

While Barazani said on Facebook that efforts continue to change Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, through constitutional means; affirming that over 170 lawmakers' signature demanding withdrawing confidence." / End.