Alwani: the marginalization of Sunni and confiscation of their mosques and endowment proprieties will push them to the formation of regions.
02/06/2012 11:42:00
Baghdad /NINA /-- MP , Khalid Al-Alwani for Iraqiya Slate said : "What happens to Sunni population in their provinces and in others in all of Iraq of marginalization and a randomly arrests as well as confiscaton of their mosques and their religious Waqf / endowment / proprieties must be stopped as the violation bypassed all the reasonable limit.

He added in a press release today: "The marginalization of Sunni in Iraq will push them strongly to demand the formation of regions in their provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and Nineveh, noting such a move will be motivated legally and constitutionally " stressing that "Sunni population have enough patient for a long period of oppression, in order to keep the unity of Iraq.
Al-Alwani m MP for Anbar, called on the religious leaders to "express explicitly about what is happening against Sunni in Iraq .
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