Opening center for HIV examination in Baghdad
10/05/2012 18:22:00
Baghdad (NINA) - Center for HIV examination was opened in the Ur neighborhood in Baghdad attended a by Liqaa Al Yassin, head of Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee and the Ali Bustan Al Fartusi, Director General of Baghdad Health Department of Rusafa, and Fahima Hussain, head of the Health and the Environment Committee in Baghdad Provincial Council.

A source in the media office of Baghdad Health Department of Rusafa told NINA today "the center is the sixth place among voluntary testing centers, which will contribute to alleviating the crowd of the visitors, especially marrying couples and returning Iraqis from abroad, Arabs and foreigners in addition to the fixed centers in hospitals of Nu'man and Madaen."

The source added "these centers contribute to the early detection of AIDS." /End/