Hayder Mulla: Dawa Party, forcing Universities Profs and students to demonstrate in denunciation of questioning al-Adeeb by the Parliament .
03/05/2012 13:07:00
Baghdad / NINA /--Spokesman for the Iraqiya Slate MP ,Haydar Mulla,said : " Dawa party organize demonstrations and seeking to force the teaching staff and students in some universities to go out tomorrow in demonstrations to denounce the planned process of questioning by Parliament Minister of High Education and Scientific researches Ali al-Adeeb who is also a leading member of Dawa party.

He said in a statement to NINA today: "This conduct , confirms the documents available which indict the politicization of universities and bringing to be subjected to a partisan agenda," he said.

Parliament earlier appointed the fifth of May,date for questioning al-Adeeb Referred to a spokesman meanwhile the Ministry of Higher Education spokesman Qassim Mohammed Jabbar said on 22nd last month : '' al-Adeeb would not attend the hearing because it's illegal, he said.

Mulla ,later,stated that the Presidency of the Parliament decided to go ahead with the questioning even if al-Adeeb absented the scheduled hearing .adding in an earlier statment to NINA : "Absence of al-Adeeb will pave the way to withdraw of confidence from him .

It's noteworthy to mention in this context that al-Adeeb is accused of issuance of arbitrary orders described as taken in line with sectarian practices to apply the law of accountability and justice as well as of irradiating Universities Profs and teaching staff along sectarian line. / End