Suhail calls for limiting the PM terms with two only
29/04/2012 11:12:00
Baghdad (NINA) - Independent MP, Safiya Al Suhail, stressed that there would not be any benefit from a new election without amendments to the electoral law and the lack of confidence in the current electoral commission by the majority of the people.

She said, in a statement to NINA "going to early elections, whether early or on time, will not work because the results will not be different from today's results, or they could be worst, and cloning the government."

She said "without passing a basket of laws for the correction of the democratic process, including limiting the Prime Minister's terms to two, and the laws of elections and parties, etc., there will not be any result from the elections but a corrupt and incompetent government and a weak Parliament driven by the partisan and personal interests."

Suhail called on political blocs to make an effort to resolve the political crisis and work on legislation and amend a law on correction of the democratic process and the most importantly to limit the Prime Minister terms to two. /End/