Maysan Oil Company pavilion receives 100 offers from foreign companies to invest in the provinces’ oil fields
27/11/2011 12:54:00
Amara (NINA) - Maysan Oil Company pavilion in the International Oil and Gas Exhibition in Basra Province witnessed the influx of dozens of foreign companies involved in various oil services.

Director of media office of Maysan Oil Company, Ali Abbas Al Turfi, told NINA correspondent "dozens of offers were made to us to work in the oil fields; the offers included operations of oil technology, drilling, pipelines installation, processing equipment, and oil services.

He added "the US, Indian, Malaysian, French, and Japanese companies shown willingness to work in the Maysan Company’s fields.

He continued "the Maysan Oil Company created plans and data base on the company's production and its oil fields, as well as future expansion, both horizontally and vertically.

The Basra International Oil and Gas Exhibition, held its second session on the land of the Basra Port of Ma’qal. The exhibition is the largest specialized exhibition held in the Middle East where over 475 companies from 35 countries take part, it continues for four days. /End/