Monday Newspapers
30/06/2008 13:08:00
Baghdad (NINA)- Monday newspapers mainly highlighted the recent political developments, handing over security responsibility in Diwaniya as well as other issues.

Political developments
Al-Mada quoted President Jalal Talabani as saying during an interview with the Voice of America radio station that the intended agreement between Iraq and the United States would be held between "two sovereign and politically independent states, aiming to rid Iraq of problems," adding that some parties cannot comprehend the fact that Iraq today is bound to difficult commitments, due to previous Security Council's resolutions.

Over the national reconciliation, Tareeq al-Shaab quoted Premier al-Maliki as saying during a meeting with tribal leaders in Baghdad that the national reconciliation has largely supported the government's efforts to prevent the country's slide into a civil war, "which was a real threat that we have overcome."

Diwaniya security
Regarding the handover of security responsibility in Diwaniya, Al-Sabah said Diwaniya security authorities have imposed total curfew since last Sunday evening, in preparation to hold an official ceremony on assuming the security responsibilities in the province by Iraqi forces, adding that Premier Nouri al-Maliki is expected to attend the event.

Rare document's smuggling
Al-Mashriq quoted historical antiquities' sources as saying that an investigation was initiated on smuggling thousands of rare historical documents of Iraq' ancient antiquities to Israel and the United States, days later to an announcement made by an Israeli MP –of Iraqi origin- that Israel has bought "valuable Iraqi historical manuscripts" from militias' members who accompanied the American forces during the US-led invasion of 2003. /End/