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Source: Baghdad ISX
Alkhozai discuss with Iranian Minister of Justice ways to develop bilateral relations. 09/04/2014 15:58:00

BAGHDAD / Nina /--Vice President Khodair al-Khozai received in Baghdad today, Iranian Minister of Justice Mustafa Pour-Mohammadi and the accompanying delegation , where the two sides discussed ways to develop bilateral relations , especially in the f   ... more>>

Mladenov : 65 billion dollars looted from Iraq between 2001 and 2010. 09/04/2014 14:38:00

BAGHDAD / Nina /--The Representative of the Secretary -General of the United Nations in Iraq Nikolai Mladenov said the money looted from Iraq between (2001 ) and ( 2010) exceeded 65 billion dollars, referring to the conclusion of the latest study mad   ... more>>

Maliki: Iraq will not allow terrorists to cut off the water, a decision made to confront criminals 09/04/2014 13:15:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq will not allow terrorists to cut off the water and he made the decision to confront the criminals of al-Qaeda and ISIS. He said in his weekly that "all Iraqis need to be aware that we are   ... more>>

Kamal al-Saadi: the state of law candidate for prime minister will be announced after the elections not before 09/04/2014 11:10:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the state of law coalition, Kamal al-Saadi confirmed that: "The State of Law's candidate to head the next government will be announced after the elections not before ." Saadi said in a statement to the National Iraqi Ne   ... more>>

Maliki calls for an international consensus on fight against corruption and the corrupters 09/04/2014 10:39:00
Maliki visits Najaf to launch his coalition's campaign 09/04/2014 10:32:00
State of Law MP rules out solving the crisis between Baghdad and Arbil 09/04/2014 09:28:00
Office of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces denounces statements of MP Bahaa al-Araji for the Iraqi army 08/04/2014 18:38:00
Shaways discusses with the U.S. ambassador political and security developments in the country 08/04/2014 18:08:00
Deputy PM discuses with German Ambassador to Iraq bilateral relations and ways to strengthen them 08/04/2014 17:08:00
Nujaifi looking with Miladinov security and political developments in Iraqi. 08/04/2014 15:57:00
Iraqi delegation discusses with head of International Organization for Migration and the International Red Cross in Geneva. 08/04/2014 14:26:00
A source in Fallujah : Water irrigation is not sufficient . 08/04/2014 13:27:00
Bayati: National Alliance authorizes Maliki to take the appropriate actions to re-flow water to the central and southern governorates 08/04/2014 11:55:00
Kurdish MP: Approving the budget, in light of the election atmosphere, is "impossible." 08/04/2014 10:27:00
Othman: the calls of forming a political majority government is a premature 08/04/2014 09:33:00
Zebari meets with Jaafari 08/04/2014 08:54:00
State of Law MP asks Maliki to launch a major operation to cleanse Fallujah from ISIS 08/04/2014 08:20:00
Breaking News .. National Alliance held a meeting attended by al-Maliki to discuss the security situation 07/04/2014 20:35:00
Breaking News .. Religious authority Najafi leave the hospital and return to his office after cardiac surgery 07/04/2014 18:34:00
Barzani : The Kurds want to live as a partner in Iraq, but the rulers do not want so 07/04/2014 18:16:00
Sadr, decides to disolve the Board of Trustees of Sadrist movement. 07/04/2014 16:53:00
Iraq - Japan, bilateral relations. 07/04/2014 15:40:00
Hamoudi discuss with the Japanese ambassador developments of the political situation. 07/04/2014 15:33:00
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15/04/2014 22:44:00

An office in Dubai to facilitate customs procedures for merchants and dealers with Iraq

15/04/2014 21:11:00

Adnan al-Asadi and the British charge d'affaires review developments in the security situation

15/04/2014 21:01:00

Two gunmen killed while trying to plant an explosive device in Baqubah

15/04/2014 20:41:00

Barzani and Allawi, confirm that the political process in Iraq arrived to a standstill

15/04/2014 20:01:00

Barzani meets tomorrow with Erdogan in Ankara

15/04/2014 19:50:00

Six soldiers wounded by a roadside bomb south of Mosul

15/04/2014 19:44:00

Breaking News .. Commander of the Island and the Desert Lt. Gen. Hassan Karim killed after the exposure of the plane carrying him to a technical trouble

15/04/2014 19:22:00

Allawi: National Coalition refuses to grant a third term for al-Maliki

15/04/2014 18:25:00

Three unidentified bodies found in Arab Jabour area south of Baghdad

15/04/2014 18:16:00

Two civilians killed, six others wounded by a roadside bomb exploded in al-Radhwaniya area southwest of Baghdad

15/04/2014 18:10:00

A body of a young man found northeast of Kirkuk

15/04/2014 17:01:00

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners looking with the U.S. Embassy, ensuring the success of the forthcoming elections.

15/04/2014 16:53:00

Police arrest 30 accused and found explosive materials in Wasit province.

15/04/2014 16:28:00

Allawi : What is happening in Iraq is a civil war that threatens of the segmentation of Iraq.

15/04/2014 15:50:00

Two civilians killed by gunmen north-west of Basra.

15/04/2014 15:15:00

Security forces kill 12 terrorists from Daash on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah

15/04/2014 15:07:00

39 / gunmen arrested in Salahuddin.

15/04/2014 14:55:00

Deputy for / Mottahidoon / accuses Anbar government of obstructing payments dues to affected farmers.

15/04/2014 14:47:00

Alkhozai receives credentials of new ambassadors to Iraq.

15/04/2014 14:18:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Tuesday's session.

15/04/2014 14:07:00

Arabiya boss denies alliance between Mutlaq and PM .

15/04/2014 13:02:00

Two policemen killed, another wounded in Mosul

15/04/2014 12:25:00

Araji: The political alliances depends on the seats each bloc gets

15/04/2014 12:24:00

Eight militants arrested in Mosul

15/04/2014 12:06:00

Urgent...Allawi arrives to Arbil, meets with Barzani

15/04/2014 12:05:00

Hassan al-Alawi rules out the possibility of forming a government of policy majority in Iraq

15/04/2014 11:14:00

Artillery shelling on Fallujah kills and injures 24 civilians

15/04/2014 10:51:00

Urgent...Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in front of police station in Ramadi

15/04/2014 10:22:00

Four bodies found in Euphrates swept from Anbar province

15/04/2014 10:17:00

Two gunmen killed in Mosul