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Source: Baghdad ISX
Shahristani summons acting Turkish Embassy, informs him the Iraqi Government's objection to pump oil through the port of Ceyhan from Kurdistan 12/01/2014 17:37:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / Deputy Prime Minister for Energy, Hussain al-Shahristani summoned Turkish charge d'affaires, Afa Gilan and told him Iraqi Government's objection to let pumping oil from the Kurdistan region to the Turkish port of Ceyhan for export wi   ... more>>

Sales of dollar decline on Saturday auction. 11/01/2014 17:39:00

Baghdad/ NINA /--Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq CBI and purchase of other foreign stokes showed shrank on Saturday auction to 167 million and 658 000 dollars, after being hit on Thursday, 180 million and 459 000 dollars with a stable exc   ... more>>

Sumo director : Exporting of Kurdistan crude oil without the approval of the federal government is a constitutional violation. 11/01/2014 14:40:00

Baghdad/ NINA /--General manager of State Company SOMO for Marketing crude Oil, Falah al-Amiri said that Marketing oil of Kurdistan region without the approval of the federal government is a constitutional encroachment and a new upheaval to the state   ... more>>

MP: The dispute between Baghdad and Erbil over financial dues to oil companies has led to the delay in approving the budget 11/01/2014 08:57:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the parliamentary Committee on Finance, Nora Al-Abjari said "not paying dues to oil companies working in the Kurdistan region is the contention point between the two governments , which led to the delay in approving the   ... more>>

Oil resumed flowing from Kirkuk to Turkeys Jihan port 03/01/2014 19:09:00
Turkish government confirms the start of oil pumping from Kurdistan region to Ceyhan port with consent of Baghdad central government. 02/01/2014 15:07:00
Kurdistan MP confirms the export of the first shipment of oil from the Kurdistan region to world markets 01/01/2014 13:05:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Tuesday auction. 31/12/2013 13:36:00
Expert: Iraq loses 6 to 8 billion dollars a year to import oil products 28/12/2013 09:23:00
Parliament Commission on oil expects rising Iraqi oil exports during the next few years 26/12/2013 10:44:00
Oil Minister announces Iraq oil production exceeded 3.4 million barrels / day 23/12/2013 19:44:00
Turkeys Energy Minister announces oil flows on trial base through Kurdistan-Turkey pipeline 23/12/2013 19:00:00
Kurdistan Region Minister of Finance, Economy discusses with Turkish delegation means to consolidate economic, finance relations 23/12/2013 18:31:00
World Bank grants Iraq $ 355 million loan 20/12/2013 21:05:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday auction. 18/12/2013 16:06:00
Shahristani discusses with Japanese companies developing electricity capacity in Iraq. 18/12/2013 14:51:00
Oil Expert rules out the impact of increasing Iranian oil exports on Iraq 18/12/2013 11:34:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Tuesday auction. 17/12/2013 14:58:00
Iraq calls Ukrainian companies to work in Iraq 17/12/2013 13:10:00
MP Calls To Open Commercial Corridors With Neighboring Countries 17/12/2013 10:40:00
Researcher: raise the production ceiling of oil outside OPEC will reflect negatively on the prices of Iraqi oil 15/12/2013 08:54:00
Economic expert criticizes State-owned companies 15/12/2013 08:40:00
Kurdish official point out to an approval by Baghdad to start oil exporting from Kurdistan to Turky. 14/12/2013 14:35:00
Iran pledges to build a gas pipeline to Iraq. 14/12/2013 14:03:00
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17/04/2014 09:04:00

Mahmoud Othman confirms possibility of forming a new coalition comprising Barzani, Allawi al-Hakim, al-Sadr and Najafi to form the next government

17/04/2014 08:36:00

Iraq signs a contract with the Korean / Daewoo / to develop al- Zubair field

16/04/2014 21:34:00

Two People killed, five injured in east of Kirkuk

16/04/2014 21:18:00

Two gunmen killed, cashes of weapons found north of Hilla

16/04/2014 20:54:00

Urgent...Three killed, thirteen injured in two car bombs in Sadr city, east of Baghdad

16/04/2014 20:38:00

Negotiations between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party did not reach the results

16/04/2014 20:19:00

Political leader in Kirkuk calls to improve ties with Saudi Arabia and Arab states as national and religious duty

16/04/2014 20:09:00

Fire put out in oil well in southern Mosul, after a month of being exposed an act of sabotage

16/04/2014 20:05:00

Clashes between police and gunmen broken out north of Tikrit

16/04/2014 19:59:00

A number of police and insurgents killed and wounded in clashes north of Hilla

16/04/2014 19:56:00

16 terrorists killed west of Baghdad, police says

16/04/2014 19:55:00

Police of Salahuddin controls the situation after riots in the province's prison

16/04/2014 17:55:00

BREAKING NEWS. Death and injury of / 10 / members of police and Sahwa forces south of Ramadi.

16/04/2014 16:46:00

Eight gunmen killed, North of Babil.

16/04/2014 16:21:00

BREAKING NEWS. Violent clashes between army troops and gunmen east of Fallujah.

16/04/2014 15:32:00

Chief of Dijlah operations : seizing the largest camp for logistical support of armed groups northeast of Baquba.

16/04/2014 15:31:00

BREAKING NEWS. / 35 / people killed and wounded due to indiscriminate army shelling on Fallujah civilian neighborhoods.

16/04/2014 15:20:00

BREAKING NEWS. Two killed and / 7 / wounded of army and police forces in Ramadi.

16/04/2014 15:07:00

Iraq and Bulgaria sign agreement for air transport.

16/04/2014 14:48:00

BREAKING NEWS. / 35 / people killed and wounded due to indiscriminate army shelling on Fallujah civilian neighborhoods.

16/04/2014 14:38:00

Minister of Finance by interim confirms in Washington commitment by Iraq to secure foreign investor in Iraq.

16/04/2014 14:31:00

Two civilians wounded in Qaratapa of Diyala.

16/04/2014 14:30:00

Four insurgents killed and arrested wanted men in different areas of Baghdad.

16/04/2014 14:22:00

Four insurgents killed and arrested wanted men in different areas of Baghdad.

16/04/2014 13:54:00

Serbst Mustafa looking with a delegation for Islamic Cooperation Organization process of watching the upcoming election.

16/04/2014 13:32:00

A car bomb destroyed south of Mosul.

16/04/2014 13:30:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday's session.

16/04/2014 12:58:00

In Kirkuk, UNAMI stresses support to hold the next parliamentary elections

16/04/2014 12:58:00

Federal Police destroys a car bomb in Mosul, without causalities

16/04/2014 12:27:00

Two civilians killed, nine others wounded in a popular market northwest of Baghdad