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Source: Baghdad ISX
Nineveh Governor: The province will witness a wide movement of a construction investment projects 20/04/2014 20:51:00

Mosul / NINA / Governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi said on Sunday that the coming days will witness the movement of a large reconstruction investment and cooperation in all fields with Turkey. Nujaifi said in a statement to the National Iraqi News A   ... more>>

KRG denies sale oil to( Black Diamond) Company 17/04/2014 18:24:00

Arbil / NINA / The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government denied the announcement of Black Diamond Company, which announced the signing of a contract for the purchase crude oil from the Taq Taq oil field in Kurdistan .   ... more>>

Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on the end of the meetings this week. 17/04/2014 14:37:00

BAGHDAD / Nina /-- Sales of dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq and purchases of other foreign currencies rose on today's meeting / 234 million / 478 / thousand dollars , after only hit on yesterdays auction the level of / / 218 million / 728 / thou   ... more>>

A large fire in the compound of oil and gas lines near Baiji 17/04/2014 10:07:00

Kirkuk / NINA / A source in the North Oil Company said that the lines of crude oil tanker near the Baiji refinery were targeted , west of Kirkuk . The source added, "The fire in the complex lines located near / Fatha / near Baiji refinery , and cl   ... more>>

Iraq signs a contract with the Korean / Daewoo / to develop al- Zubair field 17/04/2014 08:36:00
Fire put out in oil well in southern Mosul, after a month of being exposed an act of sabotage 16/04/2014 20:09:00
Minister of Finance by interim confirms in Washington commitment by Iraq to secure foreign investor in Iraq. 16/04/2014 14:38:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday's session. 16/04/2014 13:30:00
Safi emphasizes the importance of supporting the International Finance Corporation to rehabilitate Iraqi companies 16/04/2014 09:46:00
An office in Dubai to facilitate customs procedures for merchants and dealers with Iraq 15/04/2014 22:44:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Tuesday's session. 15/04/2014 14:18:00
Economist asserts that the delay in approving the budget is a major cause of the high rate of inflation 15/04/2014 10:03:00
Finance Minister looking in Washington with the IMF supporting of Finance Ministry. 14/04/2014 14:25:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Monday's session. 14/04/2014 14:16:00
Oil Expert rules out impact of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Libya lower exports on OPEC's production 14/04/2014 10:04:00
Bab al-Zubair power station in Basra completed 14/04/2014 09:13:00
Iraqi Minister of Finance discusses Iraq's debt settlement in Washington 14/04/2014 09:13:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI go down in the first session of the week. 12/04/2014 15:40:00
Kurdistan's economic adviser warns of risks of continued stopped pumping oil through Kirkuk-Ceyhan line 12/04/2014 10:41:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise at the end of this week's auction. 10/04/2014 13:57:00
A member of the Finance Committee: re-print banknotes is waste of time 10/04/2014 11:02:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Wednesday's session. 09/04/2014 14:50:00
Arab Political Council criticizes the inability of the security forces for securing the Iraq-Turkey line 09/04/2014 08:43:00
Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Tuesday's auction. 08/04/2014 14:46:00
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20/04/2014 22:42:00

Anbar operations: / 7 / elements of ISIS killed, / 3 / others arrested in Ramadi, including a leader

20/04/2014 22:25:00

Artillery bombardment renewed on Fallujah neighborhoods

20/04/2014 21:16:00

Two snipers of the ISIS killed in Albu Obaid area in Ramadi

20/04/2014 20:51:00

Nineveh Governor: The province will witness a wide movement of a construction investment projects

20/04/2014 20:27:00

/10/ Elements of the ISIS killed north and east of Ramadi

20/04/2014 19:36:00

Breaking News .. Vice Chairman of Diyala Provincial Council survived an assassination attempt in central Baquba

20/04/2014 19:23:00

Six soldiers killed and wounded in an armed clash rock cliff Babylon

20/04/2014 18:34:00

Bombing of a railway bridge south of Fallujah

20/04/2014 18:23:00

A car bomb defused in Jalawla in Diyala

20/04/2014 18:06:00

Internet service stopped, power cut off in the cities of Anbar

20/04/2014 17:46:00

/ 3 / policemen killed in two separate incidents in Mosul

20/04/2014 17:02:00

Chairman of Anbar council denies news that army stormed Fallujah

20/04/2014 16:29:00

Five al-Qaeda elements killed in northwest of Hilla

20/04/2014 15:42:00

A civilian killed, four injured in Fallujah

20/04/2014 14:51:00

Urgent .. Maliki to / Manar / T.V: the elections will not be postponed and I defy anyone comes with one violation by me to the Constitution

20/04/2014 14:50:00

Barzani: continuing efforts to form a government of Kurdistan and the PUK is an important force

20/04/2014 13:07:00

A policeman killed in northern Baghdad

20/04/2014 12:47:00

Official departments and schools in Sadr city evacuated

20/04/2014 12:32:00

5, including policemen, killed and 15, including students, faculty and police injured in eastern Baghdad suicide attack this morning

20/04/2014 12:27:00

Security source: most of Ramadi city under the control of Army and tribal's men

20/04/2014 12:06:00

An army officer killed, a soldier injured in Diyala province

20/04/2014 12:02:00

Army kills three bombers and destroys their car bombs

20/04/2014 11:58:00

Four civilians killed, five others injured in a car bomb explosion in Hilla

20/04/2014 11:57:00

29 civilians killed, wounded in explosion of two car bombs in Samawa

20/04/2014 11:40:00

Security forces foil an attack on Imam Kadhim University east of Baghdad

20/04/2014 11:34:00

UrgentOne killed, nine injured in a suicide bombing east of Baghdad

20/04/2014 11:11:00

KRG denies the control of a number of demonstrators on its representation in Paris

20/04/2014 11:07:00

Gunmen kill a civilian north of Baghdad

20/04/2014 10:09:00

Urgent...Car bomb goes off in Samawa

20/04/2014 10:06:00

Barzani calls on everyone to calm down after targeting the headquarters of the KDP in Sulaymaniyah