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Source: Baghdad ISX
BREAKING NEWS FIFA decides to lift its sanctions on Iraqs Football 19/03/2010 16:46:00

Baghdad (NIN) The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) dicided to lift the international sanction imposed on Iraqs football. The move came in response to the Iraqi Olympic Association decision suspending its earlier decision   ... more>>

Sa'eed to meet Blatter on next Tuesday 15/03/2010 15:39:00

Baghdad (NINA) The head of the Iraqi Football Association, Hussein Sa'eed, will meet the President of the FIFA (Fdration Internationale de Football Association), Joseph Blatter, in Zrich. Sa'eed stated to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA)   ... more>>

Zawra, Mina clubs deny reports over suspending participation in Iraqi Football League 13/03/2010 17:17:00

Baghdad (NINA) The President of the Mina Football Club Hadi Ahmed pointed out that The administration of the club did not decide to suspend its teams participation in the Iraqi Football League. He stated to the National Iraqi News Agency The   ... more>>

Urgent/ INOC suspends its decision over Dissolving IFA 11/03/2010 17:43:00

Baghdad (NINA) The Iraqi National Olympic Committee decided to suspend its decision over dissolving the Iraqi Football Association headed by Hussein Sa'eed." A source from INCO stated in a press statement "The Committee decided to suspend its de   ... more>>

Karbala FC to sue coach Shahad 09/03/2010 15:46:00
New football stadium to be erected in Amara 23/02/2010 12:12:00
Saeed urges to postpone 2011 AFC draw 20/02/2010 14:07:00
Karbala FC to meet Karkh FC on Friday 18/02/2010 16:37:00
BREAKING NEWS Hussein Saeed withdraws his nomination for election 12/02/2010 15:36:00
Diwaniya Team not to be easy hunt for other teams, says Coach 10/02/2010 11:58:00
35 billions allocated for establishing sport projects in Kirkuk 09/02/2010 16:27:00
FIFA sanctions to prevent Iraqi teams participation in Asian competitions, says Udisho 04/02/2010 16:23:00
Karim rejects to play for Shamal Qatari Club 11/01/2010 12:32:00
Junior team to meat Syrian counterpart in Erbil, Damascus 02/01/2010 19:15:00
Mahmoud to play with Ittihad VS Juventus on Wednesday 29/12/2009 16:19:00
IFA express readiness to end Iraqi football crisis 14/12/2009 16:18:00
International Olympic committees express readiness to cooperate with INOC 13/12/2009 17:17:00
Former football star Falah Hasan arrives in Baghdad 05/12/2009 12:22:00
Abas denies intentions to join Saudi clubs 03/12/2009 13:56:00
Youth celebrate Barcelonas victory on Real Madrid in Baghdad 30/11/2009 18:57:00
Maliki inaugurates sport hall in Karbala 29/11/2009 16:46:00
FIFA suspends activities of Iraqi Football Federation 20/11/2009 21:49:00
Iraqi football team wins title of UAE championship/ updated 19/11/2009 17:14:00
Military force raid Football Federation's offices 16/11/2009 22:11:00
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17/04/2014 20:05:00

Clashes are going on between Army and insurgents east of Ramadi

17/04/2014 19:58:00

Victims of the car bomb in Karrada of central Baghdad up to 24 killed and wounded

17/04/2014 19:52:00

Four soldiers injured in Hilla

17/04/2014 19:14:00

A cell, specialized in planting IEDs, arrested in Kirkuk

17/04/2014 19:09:00

Gunmen stop a bus, pull out three soldiers, shot them dead in Kirkuk

17/04/2014 19:09:00

Gunmen storm a school, kill its manager in northwest of Mosul

17/04/2014 18:40:00

Three policemen injured in Tikrit

17/04/2014 18:36:00

Car bomb goes off in Central Baghdad

17/04/2014 18:24:00

KRG denies sale oil to( Black Diamond) Company

17/04/2014 18:18:00

Four mortar shells fall on an army base in east of Fallujah

17/04/2014 18:12:00

Gunmen blow up a police station south of Ramadi

17/04/2014 18:07:00

Director of Parks and forests in Mosul killed

17/04/2014 18:06:00

Final agreement on Kurdistan government between KDP and MDC

17/04/2014 15:49:00

Joint Operations Command: 54 elements of / Daash / killed in Fallujah.

17/04/2014 15:48:00

Investigating judge survives from an assassination attempt south of Mosul.

17/04/2014 15:18:00

A civilian of Shabak minority killed in Mosul.

17/04/2014 15:10:00

One soldier and two army volunteers killed and ten others wounded in a suicide bombing in Diyala.

17/04/2014 15:10:00

Iraq's ambassador in Berlin discuss with the German Foreign Ministry officials , the situation in Iraq.

17/04/2014 14:48:00

Iraq and Russia bilateral relations.

17/04/2014 14:37:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on the end of the meetings this week.

17/04/2014 14:18:00

Iraq's ambassador to Athens discusses with officials opening a Greek consulate in Baghdad.

17/04/2014 13:58:00

A civilian of Shabak minority killed in Mosul.

17/04/2014 13:43:00

BREAKING NEWS. One soldier and two army volunteers killed and ten others wounded in a suicide bombing in Diyala.

17/04/2014 12:59:00

A soldier embraces a suicide bomber tried to blow himself among volunteers in Diyala

17/04/2014 12:55:00

12 soldiers killed, 10 injured in Mosul

17/04/2014 12:50:00

Four gunmen of ISIS killed, four others wounded in Ramadi

17/04/2014 11:16:00

16 civilians killed, wounded in Fallujah

17/04/2014 10:07:00

A large fire in the compound of oil and gas lines near Baiji

17/04/2014 10:06:00

Ahrar bloc: Our future alliances does not target a specific bloc, but the behavior and style of the State Administration

17/04/2014 09:04:00

Mahmoud Othman confirms possibility of forming a new coalition comprising Barzani, Allawi al-Hakim, al-Sadr and Najafi to form the next government