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Source: Baghdad ISX
Minister of Finance directs accelerating granting financial rights to martyrs journalists families and advances for journalists 16/05/2012 17:00:00

Baghdad (NINA) - Finance Minister Rafi Al Esawi directed departments of the ministry to facilitate quick granting the families of the martyr journalists and injured journalists their financial dues. " A statement issued by the Iraqi Journalists Sy   ... more>>

Jaafari , discuss with Iranian media delegation enhancing cooperation and exchange of experiences. 16/05/2012 13:33:00

Baghdad / NINA /--The National Alliance Chairman Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed with the head of Iranian radio and television Ezzatollah Zarghami yesterday evening in a meeting attended by a number of directors of the satellite channels, means to enhan   ... more>>

Mutlaq: Freedom of press in Iraq still in danger 04/05/2012 21:16:00

Baghdad (NINA) Deputy Prime Minister, Saleh al-Mutlaq, stressed, "Iraq still among the countries with highest number of casualties among journalists, and journalism is the most endangered profession in Iraq, in the absence of security and law."   ... more>>

Talabani congratulates journalists on Press Day 03/05/2012 16:56:00

Baghdad (NINA) President Jalal Talabani congratulated the journalists on the World Press Day, May 3rd. A presidential statement quoted him as saying we congratulate all Iraqi journalists who were and are representing torches of light whether in   ... more>>

Celebration in Sulaymaniya on anniversary of issuance of first Kurdish newspaper 22/04/2012 13:19:00
Television announcer killed in Tikrit 02/04/2012 22:03:00
Cabinet Secretariat threats closing satellite channels offices that violate licenses for frequencies directives 18/03/2012 17:51:00
Iraqi Journalists Syndicate demands Talabani and Barzani to stop a "close" person to them for abusing the Syndicate 06/03/2012 15:09:00
Guardsmen of Interior Ministrys Inspector General assault Masar Channels reporter 10/02/2012 19:12:00
Newspapers withheld for publication on the occasion of the Arbainiya holly visit. 12/01/2012 11:37:00
Defendants in the case of burning Nalia satellite channel in Sulaymaniya sentenced as innocent 03/01/2012 14:43:00
General Secretariat of Arab Journalists Union startes metings with the presence of P.M ,al-Maliki. 17/12/2011 11:19:00
Local newspapers no publication today and tomorrow . 06/12/2011 11:23:00
BREAKING news Iraqiya Channel reporter in Rifae district wounded 18/10/2011 20:51:00
Iraqi Journalists Syndicate delegation in Belgrade discussing means to enhance media cooperation with Serbia. 15/10/2011 10:13:00
Media court dismisses lawsuit filed by Hajj and Umra Commission against journalist 03/10/2011 15:15:00
Kurdish KNN channel manager bailed out 03/10/2011 14:50:00
IJU condemns assassination of al-Mahdi, demands uncover implicated in the crime 09/09/2011 18:42:00
Hakeem congratulates Lami and journalists for the success of elections 28/08/2011 16:51:00
Al Lami receives congratulations for electing him as Chairman of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate 28/08/2011 12:06:00
Hakeem calls on foreign media to concentrate on positive sides when dealing with Iraqi issues 22/08/2011 18:52:00
Lami warns officials guards from aggressions against journalist after the endorsement of the JPL 09/08/2011 13:59:00
Journalists syndicate chairman receives congrats from Suhail upon endorsing the JPL 09/08/2011 13:45:00
Correspondent of Ahad Satellite Channel escapes assassination in Dijail 07/08/2011 19:10:00
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23/04/2014 22:33:00

Army airplanes bombed sites and dens belonging to the ISIS in Ramadi and Fallujah

23/04/2014 22:17:00

Death toll of the car bomb explosion north of Mosul rises to eight martyrs and 45 injured

23/04/2014 22:11:00

An element in the awakening killed by unidentified gunmen northeast of Baquba

23/04/2014 21:25:00

Houses of two Members of the Provincial Council in Anbar, in the outskirts of the city of Fallujah blown up

23/04/2014 21:13:00

Joint Operations announces the killing of 39 militants from the ISIS by an airstrike in Fallujah

23/04/2014 21:04:00

A Gunman from the ISIS arrested with a machine gun in his possession in Anbar

23/04/2014 20:56:00

Three policemen killed by a roadside bomb south of Mosul

23/04/2014 20:51:00

The victims toll of the car bomb explosion north of Mosul rose to the killing of two people and injuring forty others

23/04/2014 20:42:00

Al-Messary warns of humanitarian disaster as a result of flooding the regions in Abu Ghraib

23/04/2014 20:07:00

Breaking News.. More than thirty people wounded in a car bomb attack east of Mosul

23/04/2014 20:00:00

Meladenov expresses concern about the use of the unprecedented flood of the land at Abu Ghraib

23/04/2014 19:32:00

Breaking News .. A member of the Provincial Council in Diyala killed, four of his bodyguards wounded in an armed attack north of Muqdadiya

23/04/2014 19:20:00

Chairman of the Provincial Council in Kirkuk discusses with U.S. officials the Province preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections

23/04/2014 18:40:00

Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers confirmed the need to work on preventing granting approvals to transfer of waste metals and alloys only after the approval of the Ministry of Industry

23/04/2014 18:17:00

Five civilians kidnapped at the hands of insurgents west of Anbar

23/04/2014 18:06:00

/ 5 / Civilians wounded due to indiscriminate shelling on Fallujah

23/04/2014 17:21:00

Five civilians kidnapped, west of Anbar.

23/04/2014 17:04:00

Iraq Sweden Maldives, bilateral relations .

23/04/2014 16:59:00

Military forces killed four suicide bombers in Ramadi.

23/04/2014 15:57:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Wednesday auction.

23/04/2014 15:53:00

Four suicide bombers killed as they try to attack a checkpoint in Anbar.

23/04/2014 14:52:00

/ 3 / civilians killed and wounded, south of Baghdad.

23/04/2014 14:33:00

U.S. Ambassador : U.S. confirms holding elections as scheduled.

23/04/2014 12:46:00

Nujaifi makes intensive calls with Ban Ki moon, Iraqi officials to discuss Anbar and flood crisis

23/04/2014 12:31:00

16 elements of ISIS killed, injured in a clash with army north of Fallujah

23/04/2014 12:14:00

Militants blow up a concrete bridge links Fallujah to Samarra

23/04/2014 10:57:00

Name of next Prime Minister depends on Citizens through the ballot box

23/04/2014 10:43:00

Zubaidi: We have no knowledge about any agreement reached by the Quartet and we welcome any agreement between the province and the center

23/04/2014 10:33:00

Seven policemen injured in Kirkuk

23/04/2014 10:15:00

Five terrorists killed north of Baghdad