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Source: Baghdad ISX
Two dead bodies found south of Kirkuk.
07/05/2014 16:44:00

Kirkuk / Nina /--Police force found two dead bodies of two unidentified young men killed by fire shot in an area of / 45 km south of Kirkuk province today.

Brigadier Sarhad Qader of Kirkuk police said in a press statement that police force found this afternoon the bodies of two young men dumped on a rural side road near Daqooq district.

He pointed out that the bodies were handcuffed and blindfolded showing signs of fir shots ./ End

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Air raid targeted a warehouse for oxygen cylinders in Mosul hospital and 6workers injured Unidentified gunmen attacked a vehicle to the IS south of Mosul
An owner of a shop selling mobile killed in Tuz Germany plans to send military trainers to help the Peshmerga forces
/ 3/ Elements of the IS killed, dozens of their vehicles destroyed by a US air raid north of Mosul /5/ villages belonging to Makhmour, southeast of Mosul liberated by Peshmerga
/34/ Elements of the IS killed and wounded in military operation in Jurf al-Sakhar Arab tribes and the Peshmerga, backed by air force attack the IS northwest of Kirkuk, killing 16 members of them
Daash elements kidnap three tribal dignitaries in Diyala province. Killing and wounding of dozens of terrorists of Daash south of Samarra.
One person killed, others wounded due to random shelling on Fallujah city. Security forces kill two gunmen were transporting weapons in Amiriyat al-Fallujah
Extensive Security Operation Starts in Jurf al-Sakhar north of Babylon Suicide Bomber blows up a Boat on a wooden Bridge in Dhuluiya south of Tikrit
One person killed, seven others wounded by a roadside bomb exploded in Za'faraniyah in Baghdad Six people killed and wounded by a roadside bomb in central Baghdad
Two civilians killed in an armed attack in Kirkuk Breaking News .. Army and police forces liberated / 7 / km area west of Ramadi from the IS
Targeting 3 vehicles for security companies by sticky bombs in central Basra Breaking News .. A strong explosion shakes the city of Najaf and the burning of a number of cars
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