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Source: Baghdad ISX
Government will send two military divisions to Anbar and Diyala to control the deteriorating security situation
23/07/2013 10:04:00

Hilla / NINA / The independent MP, from Babil province, Iskandar Witwit said that the central government has a plan to transfer the Army eighth Division, based in Babil and the tenth Division, based in Maysan province to the western and Diyala provinces to control the security situation there.

He accused, in a statement to NINA, some of Representatives without, naming them, to contribute in the sectarian tension.

He explained that there are cells of al Qaeda returned to work in Iraq. "/ End

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IS Blows Up Three House Belong to Awakening In North Of Baquba Gunmen Kill a Civilian North Of Baghdad
Security And Defense Committee Hosts Security Leaders Breaking News.Salahuddin Police Chief Injured
Muthanna enhance the security and intelligence presence in anticipation of infiltration of (IS) from desert Airstrikes Kill 60 Terrorists In Anbar Province
30 terrorists killed in north of Tikrit Security forces foil an attack to the IS south of Samarra
Two people killed, 10 others wounded by the explosion of two bombs south and west of Baghdad A den for the IS destructed, 25 elements of them killed and 4 vehicles burned in Dhuluiya
/ 24/ Elements of the IS killed and wounded and the destruction of excavator and Shuffle and 4 vehicles in al-Dhuluiya Two members of the IS killed by a sniper fire west of Anbar
Defense Ministry: The Killing of the Military Amir of the IS in Dhuluiya in an airstrike by the Army Aviation A woman and a child killed, five others from the same family wounded in a mortar shell explosion inside their house in the center of Fallujah
One of the most prominent leaders of the IS called / Ziad al-Abd / killed in an airstrike by Army Aviation in al-Siniya in Salah al-Din Army Aviation destroys 3 vehicles, kills a number of terrorists in Tikrit
28 Terrorists Killed in Samarra, 25 Killed in Tikrit More Than / 50 / insurgents, Five vehicles destroyed, northeast of Baquba
Military Reinforcements arrive to the Haditha and Ain-al-Assad in Anbar An IED kills two, wounds five others in Tuz district
19/10/2014 13:19:00
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