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Source: Baghdad ISX
BREAKING NEWS 6 Border soldiers killed, wounded in western Anbar
13/07/2013 18:53:00

Ramadi (NINA) One border guard killed and 5 others wounded on Saturday, July 13, in clash with armed men, who tried to slip into Iraq, in the far western Anbar.

Security source told NINA that armed men tried to slip into Iraq near Waleed border crossing with Syria in the far west Anbar. Iraq forces clashed with them in the no-man area between Syria and Iraq.

He added that the clash resulted in the killing of one border guard, and 5 others wounded; they are taken to hospital for treatment. Losses suffered by armed men not known. / End.

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Air Strikes Kill and Wound 35 Terrorists Southwest of Tikrit A policeman, A Volunteer Killed, Four Security Elements Injured In Diyala
Tribesmen Ambush (IS) elements, Kill Six And Burn Their Vehicles In Anbar Security Forces Arrest Terrorist Cell responsible for the recent bombing in Maitham al-Tamar Street a week ago
Security Forces Closed (Sinak bridge) Back and Forth For a Second Day An Row Army Troops Advance Toward Amiriyat al-Fallujah
Baghdad Operations Declares Cleansing Samarra Fallujah Road Unidentified Body Found Northwest Of Baghdad
Sticky Bomb Injures Two Civilians South of Baghdad 25 Terrorists Killed In Air Strikes In Mosul
Two Senior Officials In (IS) Killed In Mosul The coalition aircrafts launched 13 raids against the ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria in two days
A suicide car bomber killed northeast of Baquba /6/ Elements of the IS killed in a raid by Coalition planes near Zammar northwest of Mosul
The / 28/ Elements of the IS killed and wounded in an airstrike by the international coalition northwest of Mosul Security forces liberated the Haundy area near the intersection of al-Siniya in Baiji
Peshmerga force begins to move towards the Syrian city Koban Two IEDs Go Off In Mosul Kill Four Terrorists of IS
The outbreak of fighting between security forces and terrorist gangs on the border between Amiriyat Fallujah and Jurf al-Sakhar Military Reinforcements Arrive To Amiriyat al-Fallujah
29/10/2014 15:42:00
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