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Source: Baghdad ISX
Border Guardsman killed, 2 wounded in clashes with smuggler near Syrian borders
06/07/2013 18:41:00

Ramadi (NINA) – Source at the Border Guards in Anbar province said that one border guardsman killed and 2 others wounded in clashes near the Syrian borders with smugglers.

The source told NINA of Saturday, July 6, that the clashes erupted between border guards and smugglers on the Iraq-Syria border strip, when smugglers attempted to sheep, near the Waleed border outlet between Iraq and Syria.

He added that the clashes resulted in the killing of one border guardsman and seriously wounding 2 others, as well as destroying three trucks belonging to the smugglers.

The source went of saying that border guards force launched a security campaign searching for the smugglers who fled deep into the desert. / End.

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The Ministry of the Interior forms a high-level investigation committee to investigate the attack on worshipers in Diyala /10/ Elements of the IS killed by an airstrike in Tuz
Ten elements of the IS killed and wounded by an air strike in Jalawla in Diyala Urgent .. Nine civilians killed and wounded by the explosion of two bombs respectively in Hamrin area in Diyala
Urgent .. Death toll of victims of the attack on Musab bin Omair mosque in Diyala rose to more than 45 martyrs and wounded "Four" elements of the IS killed by air raid in Mosul
Army Aviation kills / 30 / elements of Daash in Dhuluiya. Gunmen targeted a police station in Heet of western Anbar.
BREAKING NEWS. 30 worshipers killed and wounded in a Sunni mosque northeast of Baquba. Toll of killed and wounded in Fallujah since the beginning of Anbar crisis up to / 752/killed and 1424 wounded.
/ 3 / terrorist of Daash killed north of Baquba. Peshmerga forces impose control on part of Makhmour district.
Four members of the volunteers injured north of Babil. / 3 / leading members of Daash killed in Haditha, district west of Anbar.
A loud explosion heared northeast of Baghdad Unknown fighter jets bombed Horan Valley northwest of Ratba
/6/ Elements of the IS killed in a clash north of Baquba /20/ Element of the IS killed and wounded south of Kirkuk
Baghdad Operations announces the liberation of 11 kidnapped man north of Baghdad The uprising clans in al-Qarma killed a commander of the IS, Abu Thabet and injured three of his aides
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