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Source: Baghdad ISX
Nineveh's governor warns security forces no to assault demonstrators in Nineveh.
06/03/2013 12:08:00

Mosul / NINA / The governor of Nineveh province, Atheel Nujaifi on Wednesday warned the security forces in Nineveh, specifically the Federal Police, which oversees the protection of Ahrar Square not to encroach upon the demonstrators.

Nujaifi told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / there are dozens of arrested demonstrators, who were arrested illegally and without courts' warrants and this is totally illegal and will be held accountable by law, where arrests were made randomly.

The governor of Nineveh province demanded, those officers, who are responsible for these arrests to be accountable.

A delegation of representatives of Ahrar Square demonstrations demanded the governor to intervene for the release of demonstrators' spokesperson, Salim al-Jubouri, who was arrested by the Federal police seven days ago. / End

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