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Source: Baghdad ISX
Protest in Sinjar against Aljazeera forces.
06/03/2013 12:08:00

Mosul / NINA / Hundreds of people of Sinjar, west of Mosul, Nineveh province, protested against the opening of the headquarters of the Aljazeera forces near the district.

A security source said: "The demonstration went out under the supervision of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and raised slogans demanding the withdrawal of Aljazeera forces."

A local official in the district said "Sinjar is a safe area and its security is self-sustaining, and there is no need to these forces." / End

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Peshmarga forces destroy a marina of Daash / death Boats / northeast of Baquba. Explosion in Karrada district in central Baghdad.
Ten members of Daash killed in an Americain raid north of Mosul. B O C announce the abortion of an attempt to storm Aladalah prison in Kazimiyah north of Baghdad.
American aircraft attack a training camp for Daash near Mosul. Liberating the 80 km area east of Ratba, 12 people killed and wounded by bombing on Fallujah
The outbreak of Clashes erupted between the clan of Albu Mefrej and the IS south of Kirkuk Breaking News.. Death toll of the bomb in Kadhimiyah up to 40 killed and wounded
Breaking News .. Mortar shells fell on the headquarters of the intelligence / Previous / in Kadhimiyah Breaking News .. Two people killed, nine others wounded by a car bomb explosion at the entrance to the bridge of the imams in al-Kadhimiyah
Breaking News .. A series of explosions hit areas in Baghdad Breaking News.. Witnesses: An explosion in al- Adhamiya district this evening
Three boats to the IS destroyed, three security elements wounded northeast of Baquba /200/ Elements of the IS killed by American aerial bombardment on many areas in Nineveh
A source in the Peshmerga: our troops advancing toward Sinjar supported by American planes Cleansing villages southwest Yusfiya .
Seven elements of Daash killed near Haditha Dam. Daash blowing Mayor of Mosul home and the homes of his brothers south of Mosul.
Ten elements of Daash killed, western Anbar. A civilian killed in an armed attack west of Baghdad.
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