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Source: Baghdad ISX
Sadr calls on demonstrators to preserve Iraq's unity, renounce sectarian slogans
25/02/2013 21:21:00

Baghdad (NINA) – Leader of the Sadrist Trend, Muqtada al-Sadr, called on demonstrators in some of Iraq's provinces to obey their wise leaders and preserve the unity of Iraq and not to demand dividing it, as well as to renounce sectarian slogans.

In a statement issued by his office on Monday, Feb. 25, Sadr called on demonstrators to keep peacefulness of their demonstrations and to respond to attacks by security agencies, if occur, with flowers, advising them to be patient and be God devotee.

Sadr pointed out that in its efforts to fulfill the demonstrators' demands, the government released some detainees, as well as has given some tangible benefits to those who are being excluded from Justice and Accountability measures.

Sadr affirmed that the use of force by the government and security agencies is rejected, advising the government to deal in a paternal way with peaceful demonstrators to prevent drawing Iraq into violence sectarian and civil war. / End

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