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Source: Baghdad ISX
Arrest warrant against Ramadi protest organizer
12/02/2013 20:48:00

Ramadi (NINA) A security force tried to arrest on Tuesday, Feb. 12, an organizer of Ramadi's protests, Sheikh Sa'ad al-Lafi.

Lafi told NINA that while he was at Abo Faraj protest area in northern Ramadi, a security force, accompanied with the neighborhood's mayor, raided his house having an arrest warrant.

Lafi added that the reason for issuing arrest warrant against him was a desperate attempt by the government to prevent him from taking part in performing the united Friday Prayer in Baghdad and to force him to withdraw from Anbar protest area.

Lafi added that the government should have issued an arrest warrant against Batat and the military men who opened fire at the protestors, east of Falluja, not against a citizen demanding his rights in a peaceful way.

Earlier in the day, Lafi said that a security force in a civilian outfit attempted to arrest him while he was leaving his house on his way to the protest gathering area in northern Ramadi, but the force could not arrest him because he diverted the way he used to the protest area. / End.

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