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Source: Baghdad ISX
Soldier killed, another wounded in Tikrit
28/01/2013 20:43:00

Tikrit (NINA) – One soldier killed and another wounded in an armed attack on Monday evening, Jan. 28, against a military checkpoint near the government's complex, downtown Tikrit.

Security source told NINA that gunmen opened fire, on Monday evening, from machine guns at a military checkpoint, near the government complex's main gate in downtown Tikrit, killing one soldier and wounding another; the attackers fled.

The source added that security force carried out raid in search for the attackers. / End.

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/11/ Elements of the IS killed, eight soldiers killed and wounded in clashes northwest of Fallujah Toll of Ramadi bombing up to 20 killed and wounded, mostly of army troops.
The cleansing of Albu Hayat of Haditha from Daash. BREAKING NEWS. 18 people killed and injured in a suicide bombing north of Ramadi.
Five elements of Daash killed in an air raid north of Muqdadiyah in Diyala. A major offensive break out by Daash foiled by army north of Fallujah.
Daash blow up / 60 / houses belonging to Sahwa forces members western Anbar. 11 elements of (IS) killed, five wounded in western Anbar
Army kill the most prominent of those involved in Speicher Base Army kill five snipers from the Islamic State south of Baghdad
Islamic State burned secondary school in Salahuddin Unidentified body found northwest of Baghdad
Three elements of the Islamic State killed, three civilians wounded in Diyala 10 civilian killed, wounded due to mortar shelling on a village in Diyala
26 terrorists killed in air strikes on the Dhuluiya airport Four elements of the IS killed in an armed clash northeast of Fallujah
The Martyrdom of A man and his son killed, i one of his family members injured by the fall of mortar shell by the IS south of Dhuluiya Nine civilians killed and wounded by a bomb explosion in Tuz
A civilian killed, 7 others wounded by a bomb explosion inside a bus in Baghdad /15/ Members of the IS killed by a wide security operation north of Babylon
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