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Source: Baghdad ISX
Soldier killed, another wounded in Tikrit
28/01/2013 20:43:00

Tikrit (NINA) One soldier killed and another wounded in an armed attack on Monday evening, Jan. 28, against a military checkpoint near the government's complex, downtown Tikrit.

Security source told NINA that gunmen opened fire, on Monday evening, from machine guns at a military checkpoint, near the government complex's main gate in downtown Tikrit, killing one soldier and wounding another; the attackers fled.

The source added that security force carried out raid in search for the attackers. / End.

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Destruction of a number of terrorists dens, and killing a number of them. Daash elements withdraw from Ain Zala area in Nineveh province.
A number of terrorist killed in Tikrit. Three elements of the Islamic State killed in Diyala province
Gunmen kill one and injures four in Hilla Air strikes Kill 21 terrorists west of Anbar
Head of Obeid clans: We are ready to fight (IS) if we are supplied with weapons Eleven policemen and civilians killed and wounded in two IEDs explosion in Kirkuk
A policeman injures by sticky bomb under his car, north of Baghdad A civilian killed, three others wounded in mortar shell fall in Diyala
Ministry of Peshmerga confirms the receiving of heavy weapons from America and France Two civilians killed, ten others wounded by the fall of mortar shells and Katyusha rockets, northwest of Baghdad
Six civilians killed, five others wounded by aerial bombing west of Mosul Two unidentified "bodies" found western Mosul
Baghdad operations: The destruction and dismantling of booby-trapped houses and killing a number of terrorists The IS blow up government buildings in Suleiman Beck
A military force kills the terrorist Sabah al-Awadhi, Syrian nationality, and three of his bodyguards in southern Baghdad Liberation of two areas northwest of Ramadi .
37 terrorists, killed as trying attacking Military Spyker base. A senior terrorist killed in Jalawla
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