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Source: Baghdad ISX
Two people injured north of Tikrit.
22/01/2013 18:05:00

Tikrit / NINA /--Two people injured, when a house under construction blown up by four explosive devices today.

A source in the police of Salahuddin province told NINA : " Unidentified gunmen blew up a house under construction belonging to a member of the Federal Police by an improvised explosive devices in Alkhasm village south of harqat district , north of Tikrit capital of the province.

The source added : " The IED explosion injuring two civilians, one engineer passing by the moment of the explosion, and causing extensive damage to the house. / End

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Breaking News.Defense Minister Arrives To Ayn al-Assad Base Two Farmers Wounded In Diyala Province
A security source in Diyala. Security Forces Are Making Progress In Areas Northeast Of Baquba (IS) Takes Control on A district Nearby Government Departments Complex Amid Ramadi
14 Snipers of the (IS) killed in Diyala Judge Munir Haddad announces surviving assassination attempt on Muhammad al-Qasim street in Baghdad
Defense Minister urges the sons of Nineveh to support the security forces to liberate their province /10/ Vehicles to the IS destroyed in Sinjar
Iraqi planes kill 3 elements of the IS leaders and 44 elements of them and destroy a field hospital for the organization Army forces liberate al-Siniya refinery and al-Ta'meem area in Baiji and the killed 62 elements of the IS
The IS elements kidnap two sheikhs of Albu Nimr tribes western Anbar Babylon operations commander: The army is capable of keeping the land in the north of the province
Local residents: The IS executed two police officers and arrested another south of Mosul Coalition aircrafts carry out 12 airstrikes on ISIS sites in Iraq and Syria yesterday and today
Eight civilians killed and wounded by a roadside bomb in Baiji /16/ Military elements killed and wounded in a suicide attack southwest of Tikrit
Foil A Terrorist Plot To Flood Baghdad 22 elements of the (IS) Killed In An Air Strike In Mosul
Islamic State Detonates The House of Nineveh Police Chief Breaking News...Car Bomb Goes Of South of Baghdad
31/10/2014 12:49:00
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