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Source: Baghdad ISX
Including a child, two civilians wounded in Mosul.
10/01/2013 10:14:00

Mosul / NINA / Two civilians, including a child, were wounded in a grenade's explosion east of the city of Mosul today 10, Jan.

A police source in Nineveh told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / "The grenade exploded this morning in the Mithaq neighborhood, wounding two civilians"

The source added that "one of the wounded is a child and they were taken to the hospital for treatment." / End

more of "Security"
An element of / Kurdish security / and a civilian killed by gunmen east of Kirkuk Seizing a truck loaded with weapons, south of Baquba
Four gunmen killed, several others wounded in Fallujah A policeman killed, three others wounded by a roadside bomb west of Anbar
Two women killed, two children from one family wounded by artillery bombing on Fallujah A wide security campaign to track elements of the ISIS along the international highway west of Anbar
Artillery bombardment renewed on several districts in Fallujah Two civilians wounded by unidentified gunmen in northeast Baquba
Armed elements flee from east of Ramadi. 10 gunmen killed in Baghdad in the past 24 hours.
Traffic policeman and a soldier killed in separate incidents in eastern Mosul. Two gunmen, tried to detonate a car bomb, arrested south of Baghdad
Military forces move to protect the people of villages northeast of Baquba from insurgents Gunmen kill a civilian southeast of Baghdad
Yawar: Peshmerga forces participate in securing the elections in four provinces A policeman killed in an armed attack north of Tikrit
A policeman and a Kurdish security element wounded south of Kirkuk Six elements of the ISIS killed in an armed attack west of Fallujah
A civilian killed, four others wounded in two separate incidents in Baghdad Explosive devices dismantled, wanted men arrested in different parts of Baghdad
15/04/2014 22:44:00

An office in Dubai to facilitate customs procedures for merchants and dealers with Iraq

15/04/2014 21:11:00

Adnan al-Asadi and the British charge d'affaires review developments in the security situation

15/04/2014 21:01:00

Two gunmen killed while trying to plant an explosive device in Baqubah

15/04/2014 20:41:00

Barzani and Allawi, confirm that the political process in Iraq arrived to a standstill

15/04/2014 20:01:00

Barzani meets tomorrow with Erdogan in Ankara

15/04/2014 19:50:00

Six soldiers wounded by a roadside bomb south of Mosul

15/04/2014 19:44:00

Breaking News .. Commander of the Island and the Desert Lt. Gen. Hassan Karim killed after the exposure of the plane carrying him to a technical trouble

15/04/2014 19:22:00

Allawi: National Coalition refuses to grant a third term for al-Maliki

15/04/2014 18:25:00

Three unidentified bodies found in Arab Jabour area south of Baghdad

15/04/2014 18:16:00

Two civilians killed, six others wounded by a roadside bomb exploded in al-Radhwaniya area southwest of Baghdad

15/04/2014 18:10:00

A body of a young man found northeast of Kirkuk

15/04/2014 17:01:00

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners looking with the U.S. Embassy, ensuring the success of the forthcoming elections.

15/04/2014 16:53:00

Police arrest 30 accused and found explosive materials in Wasit province.

15/04/2014 16:28:00

Allawi : What is happening in Iraq is a civil war that threatens of the segmentation of Iraq.

15/04/2014 15:50:00

Two civilians killed by gunmen north-west of Basra.

15/04/2014 15:15:00

Security forces kill 12 terrorists from Daash on the outskirts of the city of Fallujah

15/04/2014 15:07:00

39 / gunmen arrested in Salahuddin.

15/04/2014 14:55:00

Deputy for / Mottahidoon / accuses Anbar government of obstructing payments dues to affected farmers.

15/04/2014 14:47:00

Alkhozai receives credentials of new ambassadors to Iraq.

15/04/2014 14:18:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI go down on Tuesday's session.

15/04/2014 14:07:00

Arabiya boss denies alliance between Mutlaq and PM .

15/04/2014 13:02:00

Two policemen killed, another wounded in Mosul

15/04/2014 12:25:00

Araji: The political alliances depends on the seats each bloc gets

15/04/2014 12:24:00

Eight militants arrested in Mosul

15/04/2014 12:06:00

Urgent...Allawi arrives to Arbil, meets with Barzani

15/04/2014 12:05:00

Hassan al-Alawi rules out the possibility of forming a government of policy majority in Iraq

15/04/2014 11:14:00

Artillery shelling on Fallujah kills and injures 24 civilians

15/04/2014 10:51:00

Urgent...Two suicide bombers blow themselves up in front of police station in Ramadi

15/04/2014 10:22:00

Four bodies found in Euphrates swept from Anbar province

15/04/2014 10:17:00

Two gunmen killed in Mosul