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Source: Baghdad ISX
Three policemen killed in Samarra.
24/12/2012 15:43:00

Tikrit / NINA /--Three members of federal police killed today in an armed attack carried out on a polling center in Alhadi district amid of Samarra the second largest city in Salahuddin province.

A security source said to NINA :" Unidentified gunmen were travelling in a modern car opened fire at a polling center in that district , killing three members of the federal police. / End

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Amir of Daash of Khamsa Kelo area killed east of Ramadi. Peshmerga repel an attack by Daash on Jalawla district of Diyala province.
Two elements of Daash killed another one wounded, west of Anbar. Freeing of three villages and killed four elements of Daash northeast of Baquba.
Five militants of the Islamic State killed in northeast of Baquba First British Air Raid on (IS) Sites in Mosul
Security forces, backed by tribes, repulse an attack by the Islamic State in Amiryat al-Fallujah Urgent .. a member of the Anbar provincial council asks Abadi to rapidly intervene to lift the siege on 240 soldiers northeast of Ramadi
National Council for the Liberation of Nineveh: "IS" recruits children to carry out armed attacks against the forces of liberalization of Mosul Three elements of the popular mobilization injured in clashes with (IS)
American Air Strike Kills Six Militants, Injures Four Others In Kirkuk Coalition Launches Air Strikes south of Kirkuk
Four Tankers, Loaded With Smuggling Oil for (IS), seized in Kirkuk Four civilians wounded by the fall of two mortar shells on a residential neighborhood in Jalawla in Diyala
"Twenty" elements of the IS killed by Coalition raids east of Mosul The IS executes four young people in Mosul
Diyala policemen open safe roads to exit the families of the villages north of Muqdadiyah International Coalition renews air raids against strongholds of the IS western Anbar
Legitimate Judge of the IS in Anbar, and six of his aides killed in the Army Air raid near Fallujah A source in Anbar: Abadi will make changes to security and military leaders in the province
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