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Source: Baghdad ISX
Policeman, gunman killed in Shirqat, Samara
30/11/2012 21:16:00

Tikrit (NINA) – One policeman killed and two others wounded when an improvised explosive device, emplaced on the main street of Shirgat district went off north of Tikrit, exploded.

Security source told NINA on Sunday, Nov. 30, that an improvised explosive device went off against a police patrol at the entrance of Shirqat district, north of Tikrit, killing one policeman and seriously wounding two others.

He added that a gunman killed when an improvised explosive device went off while he was attempting to emplace it underneath a car belonging to an officer at Samara Operations Command.

The source went on saying that security force imposed a cordon around the site and started raids in search of the attackers. / End.

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Two elements of the IS killed, four others wounded in an armed attack by the sons of the tribes south west of Kirkuk Air Force carried out raids against the IS sites near Fallujah
Four elements of the IS killed, ten others wounded in strikes by Army Aviation eastern Dhuluiya Peshmerga forces regain three villages between Zammar and Sinjar, and the killing of tens of the IS elements in an air strike east of Mosul
Breaking News ... A car bomb explosion in Al-Siger area northwest of Fallujah Elements of the IS blow up a bridge in Al-Siger area in Fallujah
Seven bodies belonging to policemen found in Tikrit Peshmerga forces liberate four villages in Qara Tappa in Diyala
/11/ Elements of the IS killed, eight soldiers killed and wounded in clashes northwest of Fallujah Toll of Ramadi bombing up to 20 killed and wounded, mostly of army troops.
The cleansing of Albu Hayat of Haditha from Daash. BREAKING NEWS. 18 people killed and injured in a suicide bombing north of Ramadi.
Five elements of Daash killed in an air raid north of Muqdadiyah in Diyala. A major offensive break out by Daash foiled by army north of Fallujah.
Daash blow up / 60 / houses belonging to Sahwa forces members western Anbar. 11 elements of (IS) killed, five wounded in western Anbar
Army kill the most prominent of those involved in Speicher Base Army kill five snipers from the Islamic State south of Baghdad
Islamic State burned secondary school in Salahuddin Unidentified body found northwest of Baghdad
17/09/2014 22:39:00
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