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Source: Baghdad ISX
Turkish warplanes penetrate Kurdistan's airspace and bomb some villages.
17/10/2012 11:58:00

Arbil / NINA / Turkish warplanes penetrated the airspaces of the Kurdistan region and bombed a number of villages in Amedee area of Dohuk governorate.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that a number of Turkish warplanes penetrated after midnight yesterday, the airspace of Kurdistan flying over Amedee area, and bombed heavily the villages of Zelie, Kezak and the surroundings of the villages of Rashaffh and Seir.

He said the shelling continued for more than two hours, and the losses are not known so far.

Noteworthy those Turkish warplanes penetrate the airspace of the Kurdistan region frequently as pretext of pursuing elements of the PKK. / End

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