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Source: Baghdad ISX
Armed network captured, car bomb making workshop seized south Falluja
10/10/2012 22:31:00

Baghdad (NINA) – The Ministry of Interior announced the capture high level Qaeda terrorist network consisted of 7 gunmen, and seizing a main workshop for making car bomb and improvised explosive devices to the south of Falluja.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Sa'ad Ma'an, told NINA on Wednesday, Oct. 10, that a force from Anbar province police captured a Qaeda terrorist network consisted of 7 gunmen, and seized a main workshop for making car bomb and improvised explosive devices, south of Falluja.

He added that a large quantity of TNT explosives, ammonia and 2 explosive vests, as well as 2 car bombs ready to be detonated seized south of Falluja. / End.

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Military Intelligence announces the killing of the so-called Wali of Alam area and Khalid Abdu Hamoud in Tikrit Fifteen, including children and a woman, killed and wounded in Fallujah
Army kills five terrorists north of Fallujah Breaking News...Cousin of / Abdu Hammoud /, one of the accused wanted for / Spyker crime / killed
The first U.S strike in Anbar province targets Islamic State elements 18 terrorists killed, three houses destroyed in Dhuluiya district in Salahuddin
Seven civilians killed in an air strike in the Dor district, of Tikrit province Four sisters killed in an air strike in Mosul
20 terrorists killed in an American air strike in Mosul Security source: 70 terrorists killed in Diyala in the last few days
Three volunteers from the popular mobilization injured in Hilla Islamic State blow up three houses of police officers in Mosul
Fallujah hospital: 812 martyrs and 2488 injured in the constant bombardment since 8 months / 6 / villages liberated from the IS control north of Baquba
Six members of the Peshmerga killed and wounded by a roadside bomb in Kirkuk Six elements of the IS killed by an American airstrike on Zammar in Nineveh
Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Anbar killed, three other people wounded by an adhesive bomb in Ramadi A leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Mullah Bakhtiar survived an assassination attempt south of Kirkuk
Peshmerga liberated villages belonging to Rabia district from the IS Three elements of the IS killed west of Mosul
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