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Source: Baghdad ISX
Regiment commander, 3 soldiers killed, 4 soldiers wounded south of Tikrit
28/08/2012 21:37:00

Tikrit (NINA) – Commander of the Army's 22nd Regiment, the 6th Division, and three of his soldiers killed and four other soldiers wounded in an armed clash on Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 28, with gunmen south of Tikrit.

Military source told NINA that gunmen attacked a military checkpoint in Niba'e area, 50 km north of Baghdad, and that the clashes lasted for some time resulted in the killing of the regiment commander, who is at the rank of colonel, and three of his soldiers, as well as wounding four other soldiers.

He added that a force sent from Baghdad to the site to determine the fight, and that information said that helicopters took part in the fight against the gunmen. / End.

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