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Source: Baghdad ISX
45 Taxi drivers disappeared in Babil in recent months
01/09/2011 10:38:00

Hilla (NINA) Security source in Babil province said that 45 taxi drivers have been kidnapped in the last eight months by unknown gunmen, their fate is not known.

The source told NINA on Thursday, Sep 1, that armed gangs have been kidnapping taxi drivers to rob their cars, regardless of security measures adopted by the provinces police force.

The source pointed out that according to intelligence information, the stolen cars are being transported through Anbar province and be disassembled to be re-sold in spare parts. / End.

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American Aircrafts bomb Sinjar district, killing a number of the elements of (IS) Peshmerga arrests an (Amir) from the Islamic State in Diyala
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Clashes erupted between army troops and the IS east of Fallujah Baghdad Operations: Ten terrorists killed, wanted persons arrested in different parts of Baghdad
US raids on the IS sites in the city of Mosul The military officer to the IS killed in aerial bombardment north of Muqdadiyah in Diyala
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