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Source: Baghdad ISX
Journalists syndicate chairman receives congrats from Suhail upon endorsing the JPL
09/08/2011 13:45:00

Baghdad (NINA) – Journalists Syndicate Chairman, Muayad Al Lami, received a congratulatory telegram from the first deputy of the parliament Qusay Al Suhail upon the endorsement of the Journalists Protection Law.

Suhail expressed hope that the law would contribute in supporting the journalistic work in Iraq in a way that enhances the professional journalistic work in Iraq.

Lami also received telegrams of congrats from Al Ahd Radio, Voice of Iraq Radio, and Iraqi News Network. /End/

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The Electoral Conference Of IJS Starts Reporter and photographer of al-Hurra TV channel injured north of Babylon
IFJ expels Israel from membership of the Federation Breaking News .. The Egyptian authorities shut down al-Baghdadiya and al-Rafidain TV channels
Six journalists injured in Mosul Two Photojournalists survive an assassination attempt by a roadside bomb in Mosul
Massoud Barzani, confirms the importance of the media in political, economic and humanitarian development in the society Motahedoon Coalition calls on the government to hold its responsibilities in the protecting the lives of journalists
BREAKING NEWS. Photographer of Altaghyir satellite TV channel killed by indiscriminate shelling on Ramadi. The Central Criminal Court holds its first hearing on the killed journalist
Brother of journalist killed by a Kurdish officer denies receive financial compensation from Talabani's wife A journalist injured in Hilla
Baghdadi newspapers withhold against assassination of a journalist Breaking News.. Iraqi Journalists Syndicate announces that Baghdad Operations Command received the killer of their colleague Mohammed Bedaiwi
Nujaifi prevents Iraqiya channel to enter the parliament building Nujaifi prevents Iraqiya T.V from entering the Parliament
Mahmoud al-Mashhadani Calls on the Media to Adopt National Speeches that Focus on Unity Cameraman and his assistant among those killed in Hilla bombing
Delegation from ICRC visits NINA MP: closing up the Office of Babylonian T.V is desperate attempt to undermine free media
22/07/2014 18:45:00

/7/ Elements of the ISIS killed, one of them believed to be a foreigner during clashes with the army east of Ramadi

22/07/2014 18:31:00

A civilian wounded in a car bomb explosion west of Anbar

22/07/2014 18:28:00

Fighter jets bombed ISIS gatherings in Rawa

22/07/2014 17:51:00

Archbishop of Mosul, demanding the federal government to protect and preserve the rights of Christians.

22/07/2014 17:39:00

Speaker discusses with Egyptian ambassador the importance of Iraq to be within Arab community.

22/07/2014 17:29:00

Allawi calls upon the United Nations to intervene to save the oppressed people in Iraq , including Christians.

22/07/2014 17:20:00

Barzani's party, call on the PUK to choose a single candidate for the post of President of the Republic.

22/07/2014 17:18:00

Kurdistan Presidency denies Barzani's visit to Tehran.

22/07/2014 15:32:00

Alwataniyah coalition condemns the indiscriminate rocket attacks and shelling of unarmed civilians in Hawija.

22/07/2014 14:56:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI rises on Tuesday auction.

22/07/2014 13:59:00

/ 45 / terrorist of Daash killed in west of Mosul.

22/07/2014 13:46:00

Airstrike kills senior official and six other members of Daash in Mosul.

22/07/2014 12:33:00

No political consensus precedes tomorrow's session to elect president

22/07/2014 12:15:00

Iraqi House Speaker: More than 100 Nominees For Presidency

22/07/2014 12:03:00

Governor of Baghdad: More than 120 projects in the Baghdad's belt area stooped due to security situation

22/07/2014 10:54:00

The Electoral Conference Of IJS Starts

22/07/2014 10:47:00

Air strike kills 14 terrorists, including Arabs, in Fallujah

22/07/2014 10:41:00

Araji calls to exceeds quota system as much as possible

22/07/2014 10:10:00

MP holds Washington, Western countries and international organizations responsible for the protection of minorities in the country

22/07/2014 10:06:00

Kurdish MP: we will attend Wednesday's session with one candidate

21/07/2014 22:55:00

Military units launched a major military operation to storm Qarma area east of Fallujah

21/07/2014 22:44:00

/30/ Vehicles for the ISIS destroyed and killed those who were in them in Mosul and Anbar

21/07/2014 22:35:00

/100/ terrorists killed, / 6/ vehicles burned in the Albu Hadeed al- Nasser in Fallujah

21/07/2014 22:30:00

/6/ terrorists killed, six others led by Afghans and Chechens arrested north of Babylon

21/07/2014 22:25:00

Joint Operations announces repulsing an attack on Haditha western Anbar

21/07/2014 19:53:00

Three members of the federal police wounded in an armed confrontation with ISIS gunmen North Babylon

21/07/2014 19:12:00

/15/ Civilians killed and wounded by bombing on Fallujah

21/07/2014 19:06:00

Five wanted arrested north of Babylon

21/07/2014 19:01:00

/ 15 / Civilians, most of them women and children killed and injured because of the bombing of one of the houses west of Anbar

21/07/2014 18:54:00

A number of terrorists killed, / 25 / explosive devices dismantled in Baghdad