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Source: Baghdad ISX
BREAKING NEWS Casualties from Hindiya car bomb explosion up to 36 killed, wounded
15/07/2011 22:34:00

Karbala (NINA) Chairman of Karbala Provincial Council, Mohammed al-Mussawi, said that the number of casualties resulted from Hindiya earlier in the evening car bomb explosion increased up to36 killed and wounded.

Mosawi told NINA, A car bomb parked on the side of the towns main street exploded killing 6 persons and wounding 30 others.

Earlier in the evening a car bomb exploded in Hindiya district, east of Karbala, against a crowd, mostly visitors on their way to Karbala to perform Shabans rituals. / End.

more of "Security"
22 terrorists, dressed in Afghan uniform, killed in north of Hilla Two wanted men arrested in Hilla
A civilian killed south west of Baghdad / 3/ Snipers killed, controlling of the desert road in Jurf al-Sakhar area
Two houses blown up and the release of a prominent sheikh by the IS west of Kirkuk Two members of the IS killed by American raids east of Mosul
Peshmerga repulse an attack by the IS gangs in Jalawla and Saadiya An element of the IS killed by gunmen in a popular market in central Mosul
/ 4 / Elements of the IS injured by a roadside bomb east of Mosul Yazidis pledge to free Sinjar district and expel terrorists out of it
Vehicle curfew, shut down ports in Hit of Anbar after a mortar attack on a police station Gunmen kill (Mukhtar), two of his family, two relatives south of Baghdad
Army denies bombing Fallujah Hospital, accusing Islamic State of doing so Islamic State executes an engineer in Kirkuk
Fallujah Hospital under Mortar Shelling despite Abadi's order to stop it Tunisian Suicide Bomber Arrested In Baghdad
Islamic State detains seven Kurds, release five others in Diyala Two unidentified bodies found south of Baghdad
Alzerkosh region in Diyala subjected to mortar attack by the Islamic State Air raid targeted a warehouse for oxygen cylinders in Mosul hospital and 6workers injured
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