Nujaifi calls to build balanced relations with Turkey and Iran.
08/08/2012 13:05:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / The Chairman of the House of Representatives Osama al-Nujaifi called to build balanced relations with Turkey and Iran.

Nujaifi said at a news conference today that "the region is witnessing a serious political escalation and Iraq has to be balanced in his relations with neighboring countries, especially with Turkey and Iran."

He added: "The House of Representatives discussed the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu to Arbil and Kirkuk, the matter of the visit referred to the Foreign Relations Committee, which demanded to host the Foreign Minister to know the truth and if it was conducted under the official and diplomatic approvals."

He said: "The Ministry sent the Deputy Minister to explain the purpose of the visit , but the Committee did not accept this , demanded the presence of the minister personally," noting that "the Council of Ministers formed a similar committee during its last meeting to know the backgrounds and the developments of the visit." / End