Maliki call the security forces to deal with convicted or abusers to law in a neutral way.
18/06/2012 14:25:00
BAGHDAD / Nina / the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki called the security agencies to "work for the benefit of Iraq and all Iraqis, and to stay away from politicizing and deal with convicted or abusers to law, in a neutral way."

A statement of Maliki's Office quoting him as saying during the meeting with a number of security leaders and commanders of regiments in the Ministries of Defense and the Interior: "The stage that Iraq is passing through is not easy and the security forces and the army bear heavy responsibilities in defending Iraq and its people."

He added: "Who wants Iraq's interest has to come to dialogue and resolve differences through the Constitution, we also reject that Iraq to be a source of concern to anyone and we refuse to be led by anyone , but we seek to establish better relations," as he said .

Maliki called security leaders and military to "monitor the performance of the security forces and develop the work of the checkpoints and fight against corruption and make cooperation with citizens, as this cooperation is a pillar of the success of the security work," he also called to provide the needs of employees of the security, military and police forces. / End