Human Rights Ministry: repeated incidents of killing of Iraqis abroad , a flagrant violation of human rights.
23/05/2012 13:03:00
Baghdad / NINA /--Human Rights Ministry stigmatized in a statement today the recent repeated incidents of killing of Iraqis residing in foreign countries by unknown groups of malicious orientation, considering these crimes as a flagrant violation of human rights in countries are eventually adopting these rights.

The statement clarified that Department of victims of terrorism in the Ministry recently visited the family of Iraqi victim (Ibrahim Abdul-Mahdi Muhammadawi) who was residing in Johannesburg, South Africa to follow up the circumstances of his death .

It was another incident suffered by an Iraqi female was residing in the United States named / Shaima al-Awadi, 32 / mother of five children /, killed mid last March, after beaten with atrocity, in a crime believed to be of racist motive , inside her home in the area / El Cajon / in San Diego County, California. / End