Barzani calls on Parliament to legislate the law of oil and gas as soon as possible
20/05/2012 12:14:00
Erbil (NINA) - Kurdistan Regional Government Premier, Neijervan Barzani, demanded the Parliament to legislate the oil and gas law as soon as possible, considering that natural resources should be used to secure a decent living for citizens.

He said in a speech at the First Energy Conference held in Erbil on
Sunday and attended NINA "we hope that natural wealth become a reason to secure a decent living for Iraqis," pointing out that the visit of Turkish Energy Minister to Kurdistan is an evidence of the deep bilateral relations between the region and Turkey. We can use energy to secure a decent living for our citizens, not for wars.

He added that "Turkey is now the biggest partner and investor in the region, and we are delighted to get our relations with them to a new phase in energy field. We highly value this relationship, and basing on the Iraqi constitution, we will continue our policy and our work in the field of oil. The oil and gas of the region will have an important role in securing energy in the world."

Barzani added "we demand today the legislation of oil and gas law in the Parliament as soon as possible in order to deal with the oil in the region in accordance with law and the Constitution."

He stressed in his speech the KRG's commitment to the constitution of the country, saying that "this commitment will be the basis for a better future for Iraq and the region." /End/