Majeed: Maliki orders to withdraw the request of no confidence in Mutlag
17/05/2012 17:21:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Prime Minister Nouri Al Maliki ordered to withdraw the request to vote for no confidence in his Deputy Salih Al Mutlag.

Iraqiya TV quoted MP from the State of Law Coalition, Yassin Majeed, as saying “Maliki order the withdrawal of the request.”

A parliamentary source announced two days ago that Deputy Prime Minister Salih Al Mutlag will resume his work in the cabinet next week. He told NINA that “some blocs managed to bring their viewpoints together.”

Maliki said in response to a question raised by a printed publication, two days ago “Mutlag’s case is political and negotiable, but, Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi’s case is not and will not be included in any political dialogue.” /End/