Abdul Salam al-Maliki: Failure of Barzani plots against the government" push him to threat of disclosing of confidential documents.
17/05/2012 11:24:00
Baghdad / NINA /-- MP ,Abdul Salam al-Maliki For the State of Law coalition headed by PM AL-Maliki , said the failure of the conspiracy trigged by Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani against the central government pushed him to threat of disclosing alleged secret documents .he said .

He told NINA : "The government of Kurdistan region must disclose if really the alleged secret documents that talked about, which pertaining to previous agreements between Maliki and the region as claimed , By then the law will be the devise judge not only stating to the media stressing that disclaiming for disclosing these charges proof of the failure of the provincial government even in overcoming on its political failure in the province. / End