Kirkuk Governor, US Consul discuss investment opportunities in the province
22/04/2012 16:54:00
Kirkuk (NINA) - Kirkuk Governor, Nejmuddine Kareem, discussed with the US Consul, Yaz Kurdi, political, security, services, and economic issues.

During the meeting, encouraging US companies to come to Kirkuk and make investments in all sectors was also discussed.

Meanwhile, the Governor met with the Archbishop of the Chaldeans of Kirkuk, Louis Sako, and discussed preparations for a conference that brings together the leaders of components of Kirkuk to sit at a dialogue table under the banner (letís build bridges for peace).

The Governor stressed during the meeting his support for steps undertaken by the Archbishop Sako to enhance and strengthen the dialogue and the consolidation of peaceful coexistence between the components and ensure peace and brotherhood among them." /End/