Najaf PC asks landlords to file lawsuit against MOD
21/04/2012 16:43:00
Najaf (NINA) Ė Najaf Provincial Council called on landlords of Al Nidaa area, northern the city center, to file lawsuit against the Ministry of Defense which exploits their lands as army bases.

Chairman of the PC, Faed Kadhim, told NINA reporter "the MOD bears of wrong conduct in taking the residential lands in Al Nidaa area and using them as the bases for the army," calling on the "locals who have lands in the area to file a lawsuit against the MOD because they have the right to these lands."

He described the MODís exploitation of the lands belonging to the citizens as trespassing and that the authority that agreed to use the lands of citizens holds responsible for that.

Third Battalion of the Eighth Division of the MOD is exploiting lands in Al Nidaa area that belong to citizens who cannot build them due to the armyís exploiting these lands. /End/