M P , investigative committees in the Parliament to follow the multiple escaping cases of prisoners sentenced to death.
24/12/2011 10:42:00
Hilla / NINA /-- MP for al-Mowatin in Babil Ali Shobbar announced that parliament formed investigative committees to consider the multiple escaping case of prisoners from the prisons of Hilla, Rusafa and Kadhimiya, especially those sentenced to death.

He said in a stamen to NINA : "The government staff in prisons lack to competence and need to training for being able to run those prisons.

He added that the duty of the Minister of Justice is to disclose the facts and to hold negligent who caused escape of prisoners to accountible.

A number of Iraqi prisons witnissed during the last few months a multiple flight cases of prisoners ,especially those who are sentenced to death. / End