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Source: Baghdad ISX
The central government handed the Anbar province, / 20 / billion dinars to compensate the victims of military operations 31/07/2014 21:56:00

Ramadi / NINA/ Anbar province received on Thursday / 20 / billion dinars to compensate the victims of military operations taking place in the province. Member of Al Anbar provincial Council, Ahmed Humaid told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA   ... more>>

UN worried about the rise in violence and instability in Iraq 31/07/2014 20:31:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / United Nations has expressed on Thursday concern about the high levels of violence and instability in various parts of Iraq and its impact on the daily lives of citizens. The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General   ... more>>

President Masum visits Talabani in Sulaymaniyah 31/07/2014 10:46:00

Sulaymaniyah / NINA / President Fuad Masum visited the former President, Jalal Talabani at his residence in Sulaymaniyah. A statement published on Thursday, 31, July on the website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) said the aim of the vis   ... more>>

Police chief of Dhuluiya denies withdrawal from the HQ 28/07/2014 13:54:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / Police chief of Dhuluiya, of Salahuddin province Colonel Qandil Khalil al-Jubouri denied what some of the media reports about his withdrawal from the headquarters of the Police Directorate in Dhuluiya. He told the National Iraqi   ... more>>

Islamic State Prevents Eid prayers in Mosul 28/07/2014 11:19:00
House Speaker Arrives To Arbil To Check Out Displaced 27/07/2014 09:45:00
Speaker of the Parliament will visit Erbil tomorrow to get acquainted with the conditions of the displaced people of Nineveh 26/07/2014 22:38:00
Urgent .. ISIS militants blow up the shrine and the tomb of Prophet Jarjis 25/07/2014 22:17:00
Urgent .. Elements of the ISIS blow up the shrine of Nabi Sheet (p) in central Mosul 25/07/2014 18:34:00
Iraqi Defense Minister Arrives To Moscow 24/07/2014 09:19:00
Governor of Baghdad: More than 120 projects in the Baghdad's belt area stooped due to security situation 22/07/2014 12:03:00
Nineveh provincial council form a committee to visit Baghdad and discuss the conditions of the province 21/07/2014 17:35:00
Talabani arrives to Sulaimaniyah International Airport 19/07/2014 18:36:00
Gunmen blow up building and a mosque belong to Hakim in Tel Afar, Mosul 17/07/2014 13:31:00
2500 displaced families in Babil from other provinces 17/07/2014 10:22:00
Peshmerga confiscate 50 government vehicles belong to police officers in Mosul 15/07/2014 11:46:00
ISIS cancels working women in Mosul 15/07/2014 11:46:00
Attempt to attack Haditha district, west of Anbar, foiled 13/07/2014 14:54:00
A Kurdish source: Ministry of Transport decided to suspend cargo flights to airports in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah 10/07/2014 19:01:00
Ministry of Peshmerga denies buying arms from / ISIS / 09/07/2014 20:43:00
Barzani's party denies relationship with Fadel Barwari 08/07/2014 18:46:00
Miladinov: United Nations stands ready to respond to the vast displaced 08/07/2014 12:29:00
More than %70 of the displaced Christians returned to Qaraqosh as security situation getting better. 04/07/2014 14:22:00
130 families displace from Nineveh and Diyala to Babil province. 04/07/2014 14:02:00
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01/08/2014 22:58:00

Urgent .. A suicide attack on the point of the Army and the Awakening at the northern entrance to Haditha

01/08/2014 22:51:00

Clashes erupted between army troops and gunmen north of Fallujah

01/08/2014 22:45:00

Rafie al-Issawi announces his refusal to form a new Awakening, and condemns the "criminal behavior" of the militia and the bombing of the provinces

01/08/2014 22:35:00

Seven people wounded by air raid south of Kirkuk

01/08/2014 22:30:00

Three civilians were wounded by two bombs in Kirkuk

01/08/2014 22:21:00

The Operations of the Island and the Desert Command announces the killing of /53/ terrorists in Haditha in Anbar

01/08/2014 22:14:00

Fuad Masum, confirms that the next government must be accepted by all parties

01/08/2014 21:47:00

Air raids on nests and gatherings of the IS to the east of Fallujah

01/08/2014 20:04:00

A security source denied the fall of Haitha city in the hands of insurgents

01/08/2014 19:56:00

A comprehensive curfew imposed in Haditha, west of Anbar

01/08/2014 19:49:00

A wide security operation started to hunt down the remnants of the IS elements north of Babylon

01/08/2014 18:58:00

A policeman injured by a roadside bomb south of Kirkuk

01/08/2014 18:42:00

Two militants of the IS killed in a clash with gunmen in Mosul

01/08/2014 18:42:00

Armed clashes erupted between the Peshmerga and IS western Mosul

01/08/2014 18:34:00

Four women and a child killed by aerial bombing in Mosul

01/08/2014 17:28:00

National Alliance is the largest bloc and will be tasked to form the next cabinet.

01/08/2014 17:11:00

BREAKING NEWS. / Daash / kidnap / 4 / Baathists and former army officers western Anbar.

01/08/2014 17:02:00

16 / civilians killed and wounded due to army random shelling on Fallujah.

01/08/2014 14:25:00

40 / terrorists of Daash killed in Mosul.

01/08/2014 13:17:00

60 / terrorists of Daash killed in Haditha and Qaim districts of Anbar province.

01/08/2014 11:40:00

BREAKING NEWS. 11 people, killed and wounded in central Baghdad.

01/08/2014 11:31:00

One civilian killed and seven others wounded in eastern Baghdad.

01/08/2014 11:08:00

President of the Republic confirms the need for cooperation between politicians and clerics to deter terrorists.

01/08/2014 10:40:00

Nujaifi and Jaafari discuss activating the work of the three authorities.

01/08/2014 09:38:00

U.S. administration urges Iraqi leaders to form an inclusive government to address the "legitimate concerns" of all components.

31/07/2014 23:05:00

Urgent .. Security forces with the support of the Awakening forces foiled a major attack on Haditha and kill 31 elements of the IS

31/07/2014 22:04:00

A bomb blast outside the home of a police officer in Diwaniya

31/07/2014 21:56:00

The central government handed the Anbar province, / 20 / billion dinars to compensate the victims of military operations

31/07/2014 21:39:00

The sons of the tribes with the support of the army cleanse the city of Kubaisa in Anbar from IS elements

31/07/2014 20:31:00

UN worried about the rise in violence and instability in Iraq