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Source: Baghdad ISX
Kurdish MP accuse some blocs to seek delaying approval the budget after elections 13/04/2014 11:41:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mohsen al-Sadoun accused some blocs of seeking to postpone approving the budget after the next parliamentary elections. Sadoun said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / : " T   ... more>>

Ahrar bloc: the state of law will be a minority in the next election 13/04/2014 08:43:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The Ahrar bloc of the Sadrist movement confirmed that "The State of Law coalition will get a minority in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Baghdad and the southern provinces because of the reluctance of voters to vote for them   ... more>>

Bayati: The use of the military option in Fallujah is probable 13/04/2014 08:42:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / A member of the parliamentary Commission on Security and Defense, Abbas al-Bayati said confirmed that the use of the military option in Fallujah now is probable , pointing out that the military leadership in Anbar is currently develo   ... more>>

Nujaifi attend the funeral of Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly in Baghdad 12/04/2014 21:43:00

BAGHDAD / NINA/ Speaker of the House of Representatives Usama al-Nujaifi, attended, on Saturday , a funeral of Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly at the Church of St. Joseph in the capital Baghdad . Nujaifi presented condolences on the death of the Cardi   ... more>>

Abid Fayadh asserts that the elections is a national need that should not be compromised at 12/04/2014 19:18:00
Yawar : Peshmerga is not a party in building a trench security on the Syrian border with Kurdistan province. 12/04/2014 18:01:00
Allawi show his fear of the impact of the events taking place in Baghdad's belt areas and Anbar on elections. 12/04/2014 14:01:00
Maliki from Maysan: If we kept silent to fight in Anbar and Nineveh, the terrorism would arrive here 12/04/2014 11:46:00
Maliki arrives to Maysan province 12/04/2014 11:00:00
Iraqi Foreign Minister: Iraq Faces A Terrorist threat, Which Has Extensions In The Region 12/04/2014 10:01:00
MP: The 2014 budget will not be passed before the elections 12/04/2014 09:04:00
MP: a number of parliamentarians seek to create a new bloc to approve the budget away from the leaders of the political blocs 12/04/2014 08:32:00
An International parliamentary official condemns the assassination attempt on al-Mutlaq 11/04/2014 21:58:00
al-Maliki confirms the need to change the political system into a system of majority 11/04/2014 20:50:00
Jamal Karbouli condemned the silence of the government about the systematic killing of people in Anba, Diyala and Baghdad 11/04/2014 20:06:00
Al-Arabiya Coalition: The assassination attempted against al-Mutlaq is an attempt to get rid of national symbols 11/04/2014 19:18:00
Mottahidoon coalition count the armed attacks by militias in Diyala province as a deliberate approach to achieve demographic change. 10/04/2014 18:19:00
Iraq's ambassador in Manama looking with Deputy Prime Minister of Bahrain bilateral relations. 10/04/2014 17:43:00
Jaafari discuss with the U.S. ambassador developments in the political process and security situation in Iraq. 10/04/2014 17:12:00
Iraq's ambassador in Oslo receives Norwegian foreign sub minister. 10/04/2014 14:07:00
Iraq's ambassador in Oslo receives Norwegian foreign sub minister. 10/04/2014 13:05:00
Former Speaker: there are efforts to turn Iraq into ethnic and sectarian / cantons / 10/04/2014 12:03:00
MP holds the government and security forces responsibility of losses caused by the indiscriminate shelling on outskirts of Baghdad 10/04/2014 11:13:00
Barzani meets with Syrian Kurdish delegation 10/04/2014 11:02:00
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16/04/2014 21:34:00

Six people injured in east of Kirkuk

16/04/2014 21:18:00

Two gunmen killed, cashes of weapons found north of Hilla

16/04/2014 20:54:00

Urgent...Three killed, thirteen injured in two car bombs in Sadr city, east of Baghdad

16/04/2014 20:38:00

Negotiations between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Democratic Party did not reach the results

16/04/2014 20:19:00

Political leader in Kirkuk calls to improve ties with Saudi Arabia and Arab states as national and religious duty

16/04/2014 20:09:00

Fire put out in oil well in southern Mosul, after a month of being exposed an act of sabotage

16/04/2014 20:05:00

Clashes between police and gunmen broken out north of Tikrit

16/04/2014 19:59:00

A number of police and insurgents killed and wounded in clashes north of Hilla

16/04/2014 19:56:00

16 terrorists killed west of Baghdad, police says

16/04/2014 19:55:00

Police of Salahuddin controls the situation after riots in the province's prison

16/04/2014 17:55:00

BREAKING NEWS. Death and injury of / 10 / members of police and Sahwa forces south of Ramadi.

16/04/2014 16:46:00

Eight gunmen killed, North of Babil.

16/04/2014 16:21:00

BREAKING NEWS. Violent clashes between army troops and gunmen east of Fallujah.

16/04/2014 15:32:00

Chief of Dijlah operations : seizing the largest camp for logistical support of armed groups northeast of Baquba.

16/04/2014 15:31:00

BREAKING NEWS. / 35 / people killed and wounded due to indiscriminate army shelling on Fallujah civilian neighborhoods.

16/04/2014 15:20:00

BREAKING NEWS. Two killed and / 7 / wounded of army and police forces in Ramadi.

16/04/2014 15:07:00

Iraq and Bulgaria sign agreement for air transport.

16/04/2014 14:48:00

BREAKING NEWS. / 35 / people killed and wounded due to indiscriminate army shelling on Fallujah civilian neighborhoods.

16/04/2014 14:38:00

Minister of Finance by interim confirms in Washington commitment by Iraq to secure foreign investor in Iraq.

16/04/2014 14:31:00

Two civilians wounded in Qaratapa of Diyala.

16/04/2014 14:30:00

Four insurgents killed and arrested wanted men in different areas of Baghdad.

16/04/2014 14:22:00

Four insurgents killed and arrested wanted men in different areas of Baghdad.

16/04/2014 13:54:00

Serbst Mustafa looking with a delegation for Islamic Cooperation Organization process of watching the upcoming election.

16/04/2014 13:32:00

A car bomb destroyed south of Mosul.

16/04/2014 13:30:00

Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Wednesday's session.

16/04/2014 12:58:00

In Kirkuk, UNAMI stresses support to hold the next parliamentary elections

16/04/2014 12:58:00

Federal Police destroys a car bomb in Mosul, without causalities

16/04/2014 12:27:00

Two civilians killed, nine others wounded in a popular market northwest of Baghdad

16/04/2014 12:02:00

Gunmen intercept a colonel's car, injuring him and his son

16/04/2014 11:57:00

Urgent...A second car bomber in Ramadi