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Source: Baghdad ISX
Presidency of Kurdistan Region decides to hold elections on the set date
08/04/2013 22:03:00

Baghdad (NINA) – Presidency of Kurdistan Region affirmed that elections in Kurdistan Region will be held on the set date.

In a statement issued on Monday, Apr. 8, spokesman for the Region's Presidency, Omeed Sabah, said that the Region's President, Massoud Barazani, sent a letter to the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) informing it of the Region's Presidency decision on the date election to be held.

The statement added that Kurdistan's Presidency affirmed that election in the Region will be held on the set date and must not exceed 8/Sep/2013, pointing out that a copy of the decision has been sent to Speaker of the Region's Parliament, stating that the Region's Presidency is waiting for the answer of IHEC to prepare for elections. / End.

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