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Source: Baghdad ISX
Othman: Kurdish lawmakers will not attend Parliament future sessions.
30/03/2013 17:59:00

Baghdad / NINA /--The leading member and independent MP for Kurdistan Alliance Mahmoud Othman said in a statement to NINA today : "The Kurdish lawmakers will not return to Baghdad to attend the sessions of the House of Representatives on next Sunday and Monday.

Kurdish deputies and ministers did not attend the two latest sessions of the House of Representatives and the Council of Ministers , as they are for the present in the Kurdistan region for the purpose of consultation with the leaders of the region on the outstanding issues between the federal government and the province of Kurdistan. / End

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MP Liqa' Wardi confirms the continued bombardment on Fallujah Abadi discusses with Nujaifi ways to meet the security, political and economic challenges in the country
Nujaifi discusses with the Turkish Ambassador the international effort to confront the / IS / and strengthen bilateral relations Mladenov welcomed Abadi decision to stop bombing of civilian areas and cities.
MP for the Iraqi forces coalition, ask the government to immediately intervene to lift the siege on Dhuluiyah. Demonstration in Basra province, demanding the formation of Basra administrative region.
Anbar delegation discuss with al-Abadi, ways to end the crisis in Anbar . Mottahidoon coalition praises Abadi decision to stop bombing cities and civilians areas describing as wise action.
MP for Badr bloc confirms existence of a conspiracy between the National Alliance and Abadi to deprive Badr from the post of interior minister Kerry Arrives to Cairo
1, 800, 000 displaced as a result of the recent terror Abadi announces issuing, two days ago, a decision to stop bombing cities
MP: choosing the head of the National Alliance after naming the ministers of defense and interior MP: Allawi will initiate the formation of joint committees for activating the national reconciliation
Hakim: There is great potential for success if everyone is committed to work as a strong and harmonious team Barzani: the poor conditions in Iraq are the result of the wrong policies of successive Iraqi governments in Baghdad
Iraqi President Meets With The Under-Secretary-General Of The UN For Humanitarian Aid US official: Washington still plans to deliver the F-16s contracted by Iraq
Kerry asserts that all countries, including Iraq, would have a role in ending the IS Masum discusses with Allawi, political and security situation in the country
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