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Source: Baghdad ISX
BREAKING NEWS Clash erupts between the military, gunmen east of Falluja
25/01/2013 20:52:00

Ramadi (NINA) – A military force clashed on Friday evening, Jan. 25, with gunmen east of Falluja.

Security source told NINA that gunmen attacked a check point in Askari area, eastern Falluja; he did not give details.

In Falluja, security forces in Falluja are put on highest alert and a ban on the movement of vehicles in response to clashes between demonstrators and military force, resulted in the killing and wounding ten of demonstrators. / End.

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Security forces in Anbar repulse an attack to the IS north of Fallujah Army clears areas north of Fallujah
Tribesmen attack a place where elements of the (IS) exist and kill seven north of Tikrit U.S air strikes north of Mosul
Islamic State blow up two houses of tribal leaders in north of Baquba 4 terrorists killed in Salahuddin province
13 terrorists killed in Salahuddin province 13 nets destroyed, many terrorists killed south of Baghdad
Clan elders and two of his relatives assassinated in Kirkuk A vehicle, carrying equipment and supplies to (IS), destroyed north of Hilla
Security forces, backed by Jabour clan, repulse an attack launched by the (IS) Two bodies were found in Tuz Khurmato and seizing a truck loaded with explosives
A roadside bomb targeting the house of the director of culture department in al-Ataba al-Hosseiniya in the center of Karbala The IS executes three members of the uprising tribal council west of Kirkuk
A joint force of the army and the tribes besieging the IS elements west of Ramadi Liberating the area of Kilo 14 in Latifiya, south of Baghdad
The IS elements hijacked 13 trucks with their drivers in Ratba A Sniper of the IS killed north of Dhuluiya
Warplanes directed 4 airstrikes on the IS gatherings in the left coast of Mosul Unknown military plane bombed a school includes a number of displaced people from Falluja, west of Anbar
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