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Source: Baghdad ISX
The first swine flu infection in Sulaymaniyah.
21/01/2013 14:25:00

Sulaymaniyah / NINA/-- Health Minister in Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Mohamed Rasheed announced that the first infection of swine flu recorded today in Sulaymaniyah to a woman at the age of 64 years.

He pointed out that the infected woman is now under intensive care. noting that the relevant authorities have taken all the necessary measures to control the disease, adding that the infected woman's health is stable for the time being.

The minister noted that any death or other infection cases have not recorded so far. / End

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President Masum visits Talabani in Sulaymaniyah Police chief of Dhuluiya denies withdrawal from the HQ
Islamic State Prevents Eid prayers in Mosul House Speaker Arrives To Arbil To Check Out Displaced
Speaker of the Parliament will visit Erbil tomorrow to get acquainted with the conditions of the displaced people of Nineveh Urgent .. ISIS militants blow up the shrine and the tomb of Prophet Jarjis
Urgent .. Elements of the ISIS blow up the shrine of Nabi Sheet (p) in central Mosul Iraqi Defense Minister Arrives To Moscow
Governor of Baghdad: More than 120 projects in the Baghdad's belt area stooped due to security situation Nineveh provincial council form a committee to visit Baghdad and discuss the conditions of the province
Talabani arrives to Sulaimaniyah International Airport Gunmen blow up building and a mosque belong to Hakim in Tel Afar, Mosul
2500 displaced families in Babil from other provinces Peshmerga confiscate 50 government vehicles belong to police officers in Mosul
ISIS cancels working women in Mosul Attempt to attack Haditha district, west of Anbar, foiled
A Kurdish source: Ministry of Transport decided to suspend cargo flights to airports in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah Ministry of Peshmerga denies buying arms from / ISIS /
Barzani's party denies relationship with Fadel Barwari Miladinov: United Nations stands ready to respond to the vast displaced
31/07/2014 14:31:00

3 / elements of Daash killed northeast of Baquba.

31/07/2014 14:18:00

A member of Sahwa killed his wife injured northeast of Baquba.

31/07/2014 12:43:00

Twenty terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) killed in Kirkuk

31/07/2014 12:30:00

Islamic State elements execute a woman in Kirkuk for cursing its leaders

31/07/2014 12:18:00

Lukoil Begins Transfer The First Shipment Of Oil From The West Qurna / 2

31/07/2014 11:31:00

Army headquarters subjected to mortar attack in Ramadi

31/07/2014 10:46:00

President Masum visits Talabani in Sulaymaniyah

31/07/2014 10:16:00

Eighteen terrorists of IS killed in fierce clashes in Ramadi

31/07/2014 10:07:00

UN Extends Work Of /UNAMI/ In Iraq For Another Year

31/07/2014 10:03:00

President Masum meets with Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad

31/07/2014 09:34:00

30 elements of IS killed in Jurf al-Sakhar, northwest of Babylon

31/07/2014 09:34:00

Hakim, Nujaifi discuss forming the government and commit to the constitutional timings

30/07/2014 22:21:00

Two people killed and 11 others wounded near Muzaffar Square in Sadr City in eastern Baghdad.

30/07/2014 21:11:00

More than 60 elements of Daash including Chechens, Saudis and Syrians in killed in Mosul.

30/07/2014 20:56:00

8 elements of Daash killed north of Baquba.

30/07/2014 17:27:00

12 people killed and wounded in al-Baghdadi district west of Anbar.

30/07/2014 15:33:00

15 civilians killed and wounded due to random army shelling on Fallujah city.

30/07/2014 14:38:00

9 / civilians, wounded due to bombing residential neighborhoods in Mosul.

30/07/2014 13:51:00

Defense minister: Moscow has promised to meet the armament of Iraq by the stocks of Russian army.

30/07/2014 13:00:00

79 terrorists of Daash killed in Babil Anbar and Salahuddin provinces.

30/07/2014 12:41:00

President of the Republic confirms Turkish Foreign Minister of Iraq's readiness to discuss common issues.

30/07/2014 12:18:00

78 terrorists elements of Daash killed and 30 others injured in Karma and Yousfiyah .

30/07/2014 12:07:00

Two terrorists of Daash killed in eastern Mosul.

30/07/2014 11:53:00

11 / terrorists killed in Samarra.

30/07/2014 10:39:00

Washington denies the confiscation of a crude oil shipment from Kurdistan , renewing rejection of sale Iraqi oil without Baghdads approval.

30/07/2014 10:10:00

The N A is biggest bloc in parliament, not the SL coalition.

29/07/2014 22:09:00

The army headquarters came under mortar attack north of Ramadi

29/07/2014 22:05:00

A medical source: /672/ martyrs and /2174/ injured by the bombing of civilians in Fallujah for more than 7 months

29/07/2014 21:40:00

Fuad Masum, the President of the Republic confirms his support for the people of Kirkuk

29/07/2014 20:07:00

Clashes erupted between the army and insurgents east of Fallujah