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Source: Baghdad ISX
The first swine flu infection in Sulaymaniyah.
21/01/2013 14:25:00

Sulaymaniyah / NINA/-- Health Minister in Kurdistan Regional Government, Dr. Mohamed Rasheed announced that the first infection of swine flu recorded today in Sulaymaniyah to a woman at the age of 64 years.

He pointed out that the infected woman is now under intensive care. noting that the relevant authorities have taken all the necessary measures to control the disease, adding that the infected woman's health is stable for the time being.

The minister noted that any death or other infection cases have not recorded so far. / End

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Unidentified body found south of Baghdad Two British planes, loaded with humanitarian aid for the displaced, arrive to Erbil
Eight tons of Polish aid to displaced people arrives in Erbil on a Polish plane Aftershock successive earthquakes hit Missan province.
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Life imprisonment to the killer of a journalist Poland declares its readiness to help displaced families in northern Iraq
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