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Source: Baghdad ISX
Jordan resumes export of vegetables to Iraq.
19/01/2013 17:42:00

Amman / NINA /-- Jordan proceeded to export fruits and vegetables to Iraq after reopening of the border's port of Treabil by the Iraqi government on Friday.

The head of the Jordanian Society for producers and exporters of fruits and vegetables said in a press statement on Saturday that "about 80 trucks loaded with vegetables entered Iraq yesterday and today.

The Iraqi government has opened border's outlets yesterday after being closed for / 10 / days / End

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Oil Minister receives Kuwaiti Ambassador and discusses with him prospects of joint cooperation between the two countries Adel Abdul-Mahdi receives the Ambassador of Japan and discussed with him means to strengthen the bilateral relations
passing broken laws on oil will contribute to resolving the differences between the province and the center A gang specialized counterfeiting currency arrested in Maysan province
MP: the coming days will see vote on the 2014 budget MP: the new government will resolve all disputes on oil policy between center and the region
Sales of dollar by the CBI record more than / 209 / million dollars. Interim Budget Committee calls on the government to speed up sending the current year budget to be adjusted
Repairing Baiji refinery takes more than a year , Hawrami says Turkey Denies Buying Oil From "The Islamic State"
Russia Expresses Its Willingness To Develop The Energy Sector In Iraq The disappearance of a tanker loaded with oil from Kurdistan, off the coast of Texas
Economist calls to transform Iraq from a business partner to partner in the production Economic expert: Economic disaster will hit Iraq because of a failure to approve the budget
Ministry of Oil renewed its warning to the Kurdistan Regional Government of continuing sale of oil out of Iraq Sales of dollar by the CBI decline on Tuesdays auction.
Sales of dollar by the CBI rise on Monday auction. Pumping oil from Turkish port Ceyhan stopped for maintenance work
Sales of dollar by the by the CBI decline on Saturday auction. Recent Security Council resolution would limit the smuggling of Iraqi oil
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