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Source: Baghdad ISX
Demonstration of the Sadrist movement in Kut to protest Maliki's comments.
13/12/2012 17:11:00

Kut / NINA /-- Hundreds of supporters of Sadrist movement in Wasit province demonstrated today in front of the headquarters of the provincial council to denounce the statement made by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki which underestimated cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

A member of Wasit Provincial Council for Ahrar bloc said to NINA : "Hundreds of followers of Sadr took part in this demonstration to express their denunciation of Maliki's remarks abusive to Muqtada al-Sadr./End

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Nujaifi Condemns / Daash / crime in Saqlawiyah and Alsiger areas of Anbar. Shaways looking with the governor of Nineveh the developments of facing Daash.
Abadi receives Australian Defence Minister. Masum up to New York to participate in the work of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly.
House of Representatives end its today meeting to Thursday. Dawa party / inside organization / holds Abadi responsibility of killing of 300 troops in Saqlawiyah
Parliament starts first reading of the draft law of the Federation Council Iraqi President Arrives At New York
Parliament Starts its Meeting Jabbar Yawar: 7 countries with America provided aid to Kurdistan
State of Law coalition approves its bylaw and puts a mechanism to elect its head Close Source: Abadi Intends to Visit US
Arab League, Iran agree on the need to continue to consult to address the phenomenon of terrorism Breaking News State of law nominates Ali al-Adeeb for the presidency of the National Alliance instead of Jaafari
MP: it is difficult to resolve naming defense and interior ministers before Eid al-Adha MP: most of the parties of the National Alliance support Ameri to assume the Interior Ministry and parliament will vote on Jabri for the defense
Nujaifi during a meeting with the French Ambassador: Aerial bombing alone will not end the problem of terrorism Hakim meets Barzani and confirms the importance of concerting efforts by all political powers to get out of the crisis caused by the / IS/
Saleh al-Mutlaq: The international action in relief of displaced persons still weak Blair emphasizes the need for a ground military strike to the IS
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